Who Is Emma Roberts' Baby Daddy And Boyfriend? Everything To Know About Garrett Hedlund

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Who Is Emma Roberts' Baby Daddy And Boyfriend? Everything To Know About Garrett Hedl
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Emma Roberts is pregnant! The actress is reportedly expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund.

Last year, fans felt heartbroken when long-time couple, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, went their separate ways. The pair had dated since 2012 and became engaged in 2014, though they called it quits and took breaks in both 2015 and 2016.

But after their split, it appeared that the former couple had broken up for good — and Roberts had already moved on.

In 2019, multiple sources confirmed that the actors were an item, with an eyewitness claiming they walked together in Los Angeles, and Hedlund “had his arm around [her] for a bit and then they were holding hands.”

Another source said, “Emma and Evan were heading for a split and now are just friends. Evan has moved out. It wasn’t a bad breakup. They have had their ups and downs for a while now and were really trying to make it work. Their split was a long time coming."

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While it’s nice to think that the exes are on good terms, we can’t help but feel heartbroken for Peters, especially since the two were together for so long.

Who is Emma Robert's baby daddy and boyfriend, Garret Hedlund? 

Here are some details to know about him, his relationship with Roberts, and their pregnancy.

He’s from a small town.

Hedlund grew up in Minnesota with his mom, dad, and two siblings. He was raised on a rural beef cattle farm, but moved with his mother to Arizona when he was a teenager.

He got a job as a waiter and saved up for acting lessons.

He used to model.

When he was a teenager, he modeled for Teen Magazine and L.L. Bean. However, when he turned 18, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

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Hedlund is an actor.

Hedlund made his acting debut in Troy, alongside Brad Pitt, and has since gone on to star in leading roles in many films. He’s acted in Eragon, Tron: Legacy, On the Road, Unbroken, Mudbound, and others.


He dated Kirsten Dunst.

While filming On the Road, he and his co-star, Kirsten Dunst, struck up a romance. The pair began dating in 2011.

Hedlund explained how he won Dunst over, saying, “I took her out on a 3 AM canoe ride. It was not a stable canoe. We fell out and had to swim back in mucky, s****y water, like golf-pond water.”

They called it quits in 2016, and Dunst went on to date, become engaged to, and have a baby with actor Jesse Plemons. 

He and Roberts were friends first.

When they first were reported together, a source said, “Garrett and Emma have been friends, but this is new, casual, and just a couple of weeks old.” The two spent time together in “social settings” before turning things into a romantic relationship.

A source also added at the time, “They have gone on a few casual dates and are exploring a relationship, but it is definitely not anything serious yet. Emma is not one to rush into things and is seeing how things pan out.”

Roberts is reportedly pregnant.

The actress may be expecting her first child with Hedlund. However, neither Roberts nor Hedlund have confirmed the news themselves.

If true, congrats are in order for the couple!

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