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8 Questionable Details About Evan Peters And Emma Roberts' Relationship (And Breakup)

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Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

If there's one famous couple that defines a rocky relationship, it's Emma Roberts and Evan Peters.

The pair met while working on an indie movie together in 2011, and Roberts herself has commented on how awkward the start of their relationship was.

"We met on the movie. Everyone thought we dated on the movie and we didn't, not for a long time after," Roberts revealed on an episode of Chelsea Lately.

"I actually, on the set, was like, 'Oh yeah, we're totally gonna date.' And I would like flirt with him, which ended up looking like I had something in my eye because I'd be like, 'Hey, what's up?'" she recalled, batting her eyelashes.

"And he literally didn't speak to me the entire movie. He thought I was so weird." 

Since then, the couple's relationship has been a tumultuous one.

Read on for all the questionable details about Evan Peters and Emma Roberts' relationship:

Similar to many celebrity couples, Roberts and Peters had an off-again/on-again relationship.

However, this is probably the part of their coupling that's the least strange. 

The even more troubling bits of their relationship include a domestic violence incident and what is possibly the longest engagement in the history of engagements.

So, what's their relationship like now? Here are some of the most eyebrow-raising details of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters' relationship.

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1. They were dating other people when they met.

Both were already involved with other people when they met each other. Emma was in a relationship with fellow actor Chord Overstreet and Evan was dating actress Alexia Quinn

However, Emma's relationship with Chord was reportedly not too stable. The couple had a lot of difficulties and sources said that Emma wasn't really ready for a serious relationship. 

"They're both young kids, they had crushes on each other but the relationship ran its course," an insider said of their breakup.

"She isn't and wasn't looking for a serious thing."

2. Roberts and Peters have a history of combining business with pleasure.

The film they met on would be far from the last time they worked together. In fact, the pair seems to enjoy having their (often volatile) romantic relationship carry over into their jobs. 

Roberts was also cast in American Horror Story, which just happened to be the same show that Evans had a part on.

The actress even admitted that it was "one of her favorite shows." 

However, Roberts and Peters couldn't seem to keep their personal life separate from their working one.

They reportedly created a lot of tension on set of the show by trading off between constant PDA sessions and having arguments.

3. Roberts was arrested for domestic violence.

The couple's relationship takes a turn for the worst in July 2013 when Roberts was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Roberts and Peters were staying in a hotel in Montreal when one of their arguments turned physical. 

Sources say that police were called to the couple's room after a fight was heard. When they arrived, the actress was arrested when they discovered that Peters had physical injuries from the fight. 

"Emma is very dramatic," one source told Us, adding that she can get "wound up" during arguments."

The July 7 episode, said the insider, went "way out of control." The source also noted how the couple has an "extreme and passionate relationship."

However, Peters didn't press charges so Roberts was released just a few hours later.

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4. They were engaged for a really long time.

It seems like Roberts and Peters would've rather stayed engaged than actually get married.

The actor first popped the question at the end of 2013 and their engagement lasted for almost two years.

However, their engagement didn't end because they got married. It ended because the couple had broken up.

The engagement was called off reportedly due to the couple's constant arguing.

After they eventually reconciled, it seemed like they were engaged once again.

In January 2017, Roberts was spotted with a ring on her finger causing many to assume that the actors were engaged for a second time.

5. Roberts dated someone else during their short breakup.

During the couple's short-lived breakup, Roberts managed to find time for a new relationship.

The actress began dating Christopher Hines, who she knew through one of her friends.

But Roberts wasn't the only one who moved on quickly. Peters was quick to delete all of his photos with Roberts from his Instagram shortly after they broke up. 

6. Roberts and Peters have broken up for good and have both moved on.

It was reported in May 2019 that their breakup was final, and it was a mutual decision between the two.

Right now they say they are still on good terms and will continue to be friends. They just don't see a romantic relationship ever working between them. 

7. Emma Roberts is currently dating Garrett Hedlund.

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund have been linked since 2019, and now, they are expecting a baby together.

8. Evan Peters moved on with a famous musician.

in 2019, Evan Peters started dating popular musician Halsey, but the pair called off their relationship about six months after they were first spotted on a date together at Six Flags Magic Mountain in September.

There have been rumors that Halsey and Evans have broken up but they were recently spotted having a fun date at Six Flags. So, they could very well still be together as a couple. 

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