Who Is Jeff Lewis' Boyfriend? Everything To Know About Scott Anderson

They are back together after breaking up in May.

Who Is Jeff Lewis' Boyfriend? Everything To Know About Scott Anderson carrie-nelson / Shutterstock

Jeff Lewis and Scott Anderson are back on again. The Flipping Out star has had a tumultuous 14 months with his boyfriend Scott Anderson but it looks like the couple is trying again. They broke up a month ago, but yesterday Lewis posted a photo of the two of them having dinner together and everything looks hunky dory.

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This isn't the first break up for this pair. They previously took a break so Lewis could focus on his daughter and his on-going custody batter with ex Gage Edward — who's also the co-parent of their daughter, Monroe. The most recent break with Anderson was due to the couple getting on each other's served. They have tried counseling in the past to work out their issues as well.

Now they seem to be back together.

Who is Jeff Lewis' boyfriend Scott Anderson? 

Scott Anderson is back on Jeff Lewis's social media feed.

Lewis hasn't made any formal announcements about reconciling with Scott Anderson — but he did make their latest attempt at love Instagram official. Last night, he posted a photo of himself and Anderson dining in Krista Llamas's yard. He didn't bother to caption the picture, leaving the rest up to his followers' imaginations.



A post shared by Jeff Lewis (@jljefflewis) on Jun 4, 2020 at 8:36pm PDT

They look happy to be back together.

They've been broken up for the past several weeks.

Anderson was Lewis's first serious boyfriend after his split from Gage Edward, with whom he is still battling over custody of their daughter. Lewis and Anderson got together in early 2019 and they've had a rocky go of it. The took some time apart in June of that year while Lewis focused on his custody fight. They got back together but things were rough enough that they sought counseling. According to Lewis, Anderson wants marriage and more kids, which is not on the 50-year-old Flipping Out star's agenda. They called it quits yet again in May but they apparently can't keep away from each other. 


Who is Scott Anderson?

Anderson showed up in Lewis's life with very little public fanfare. Their friend Meagan Weaver posted a photo of them on her Instagram page. Commenters immediately noted that Anderson was definitely younger than Lewis and that he looks a bit like Lewis's ex, Gage Edward. One commenter was clearly Team Gage, noting "He looks like Gage .... but Gage is much cuter." 

It's true that Anderson is the same physical type as Gage Edward. They're both lean and well-groomed with intense eyes. But Anderson is more boyish-looking, in addition to being noticeably younger. We don't know how much younger since Lewis never said anything about that and Anderson hasn't done any press at all.

Anderson has his own social media locked down.


Lewis has a few photos of Anderson on his Instagram account and he hasn't been shy about talking about his boyfriend on Sirius; early on his commented that Anderson is from Oregon. But Anderson himself keeps things pretty buttoned up. He has an Instagram account of his own but it's set to private so we don't even know who's tagging him in other posts. His bio on the social media site is enigmatic, saying only "Love, family, LA, desert, art, friends, dogs, metropolitan." Not even a hint of what he does for a job. And with a name as common as his, finding him on sites like LinkedIn is like finding a needle in a haystack of Scott Andersons. 



A post shared by Jeff Lewis (@jljefflewis) on Nov 17, 2019 at 5:31pm PST

Lewis and Anderson in November, after the first break up, before the couples therapy. 


Even Lewis's ex has been good at keeping Anderson's privacy.

There would be nothing more delightful than getting a whole bunch of tea spilled from Lewis's ex-partner Gage Edward. Edward and Lewis have been involved in an acrimonious custody battle over their daughter Monroe ever since their 2019 split. When word got out that Lewis had a new man in his life fans wanted to know how Edward felt about it. In a now-expired Instagram Live session in 2019 he said “I, from third parties, have heard and understood things about Scott and he seems like a very level headed, very nice person.” He didn't drop a single other hint about Anderson, which is mature and gracious of him but frustrating for gossip-greedy fans. 

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Anderson has prompted Lewis to do some soul searching.


When they first split up, Lewis seemed to be blaming Anderson for their problems. On his Sirius radio show "Jeff Lewis Live" in May, he unloaded his frustrations saying, "We called it quits over the weekend. The last eight weeks has been kind of rough. He’s had a lot of anxiety, a lot of frustration, and it got to a point where I felt that he was hypercritical of me."

"It was a lot of negativity and always complaining," he continued. "I feel like I worked very hard in the relationship. I felt like I was very good to him.”

But Lewis, who is known for his volatile personality, tried to be a better person in the immediate aftermath of the relationship, instead of being angry about it. "I said [to myself], I don't want to end it this way. He's been a good guy," Lewis explained, "I actually am proud of myself for taking that approach," said Lewis. "Normally I would just annihilate somebody and I would just blow everybody to pieces and that would be it."

Will this pair remain together or split up again? No one can say for sure. 


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