Who Is Garth Fisher?

The celebrity surgeon was once married to Jose Canseo's ex. Who is Garth Fisher?

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The Hollywood — and sports world — rumor mill never stops turning. Just days after baseball legend Alex Rodriguez finally got engaged to Jennifer Lopez, another baseball great had some less than savory remarks to make. Former Yankee José Canseco alleges that ARod is having an affair his ex-wife Jessica Casenco.

The ex-Mrs. Canseco vehemently denies the rumors, taking to Twitter to say: “Those false accusations José is making are not true! I have known Alex for many years and haven’t even seen him for over 5. I certainly did not sleep with him. I am friendly with both him and Jennifer.” She went on to tweet, “Last time I saw Alex he was with Torrie and I brought my boyfriend over for dinner. We are just friends my god.”


Jessica Canseco hasn’t been married to José since 1999, when they divorced after three years of marriage. The couple had their share of problems, including when Jessica had José arrested for domestic violence. At the time he pleaded no contest to hitting her and served a year probation. The couple has a daughter together, model Josie Canseco.

When Jessica met José, she was a server at a Hooters restaurant, but these days she is a cosmetic tattoo artist. On her website, she says she “began her career with internationally recognized Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher of ABC's Extreme Makeover.” But Jessica didn’t just work with Fisher; they were married from 2007-2011.


Who is Garth Fisher? Read on for all the details.

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1. Early years

Fisher was born in Mississippi and went to college at the University of Mississippi, where he graduated in 1980. He stayed at the school for his medical degree and finished that in 1984, then got a residency at UCLA. There he studied general surgery and plastic surgery. He began practicing in Beverly Hills.



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2. Personal life

Before his marriage to Jessica, Fisher had been married to tv personality Brooke Burke. The couple were together for four years starting in 2001 and had two daughters together. After his marriage to Brooke, he married Jessica, and they shared their partnership on screen as well as off.

Both of them appeared on Extreme Makeover. They divorced without having any children together.



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3. Extreme Makeover

Fisher was cast as one of the experts on the original series of Extreme Makeover, which dealt with people anxious to change their appearances. It was a controversial concept because some critics felt it perpetuated unrealistic beauty standards.

Fisher described his experience on the show as “showcased in the hit TV program Extreme Makeover.


"He has gained the opportunity to reach thousands of viewers both domestically and internationally and communicate to them his vision of this aesthetic improvement and well-being. As such, he has helped to elevate the standard of care for cosmetic surgery clients on a worldwide basis.”

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4. Skin care

In addition to his work as a surgeon, Fisher has expanded into other areas of the beauty industry. In 2008, he opened the Biomedical Skin Treatment Institute, and R&D center to provide skin care treatments for his clients, such as laser treatments and chemical peels. He also has his own line of skincare products and plans to release more additions to the line in the future.


“As a testament to his ideal of radiant and continuously beautiful skin, Dr. Fisher has developed a line of personal skin care products that are meticulously tested and tracked for quality and effectiveness. Dr. Fisher plans to release a newer line of skincare solutions that are even more evolved to address today's busy stressful lifestyle.”

5. Spa

Fisher has also opened a med-spa in 2010 so clients can get non-non-surgical treatments below the neck as well. The spa offers different sculpting and laser treatments as well as well-known injectables popular for their anti-aging effects.



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In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Fisher is a frequent contributor to medical journals, as well as television and print media. He’s been ranked as one of the Best Doctors in America for over 10 years and was knighted by the Queen of England in 2014, making him “making him one of the only surgeons to go by the title of ‘Sir.’”

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