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Who Is Lisa Stelly? New Details About Jack Osbourne's Ex-Wife And Skylar Astin's Girlfriend

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Who Is Lisa Stelly? New Details About Jack Osbourne's Ex-Wife And Skylar Astin's Girlfriend

In March 2019, Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly officially finalized their divorce. They received their final court papers on March 5, finally ending their six-year marriage. The couple has three daughters.

While many, including mom Sharon, hoped this marriage would be happily ever after for Jack after his many tumultuous years, the pair simply couldn’t make it work. They have repeatedly said that they want to remain friends in order to best co-parent their young children.

However, just a few months after his divorce, Osbourne had already moved on with his new love, Aree Gearhart, after dating Meg Zany. And now, Stelly has moved on as well. She recently started dating actor Skylar Astin.

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Who is Lisa Stelly, Jack Osbourne's ex-wife and Skylar Astin's girlfriend?

Read on for all the details.

Lisa Stelly is an actress and model.

Stelly had a short career as a model and actress before getting married to Osbourne and starting a family. Her biggest claims to fame are her appearances in two Green Day videos for "21st Century Breakdown" and "21 Guns."

She now runs a site that sells cake decorating supplies called Fancy Sprinkles

Stelly and Osbourne had a whirlwind courtship.

Stelly and Osbourne began dating in 2011 and announced their engagement just four months later. Osbourne shared even more happy news on an episode of Piers Morgan Tonight just a couple weeks later: they were expecting their first baby.

Their first child, Pearl, was born in April 2012.

Then, Osbourne started to develop health issues.

Not long after Pearl’s birth, the couple was hit with difficult news about Osbourne’s health. While the son of Ozzy Osbourne has struggled with addiction in his past, he had been clean for years by the time he became a father.

However, one night in 2012, he noticed something wrong. “I was talking to the [gas station] attendant, and all of a sudden a black dot appeared in my vision. I was like, ‘That’s weird.’ The next day I woke up and the dot had turned into a cigar shape,” Osbourne said.

After several days of worsening vision, he went to a doctor and discovered that he had lesions on his brain associated with multiple sclerosis.

At the time he said, “I was pissed off because so many good things in my life were happening. I think when God came to review my file, he was like ‘Nope, too much good. Make bad.’”

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Stelly and Osbourne still went on with their wedding.

The couple didn’t let the bad news derail their October 2012 wedding. Osbourne’s mom Sharon described the Hawaii wedding — which included baby Pearl — as beautiful and intimate.

“He is the happiest he has ever been. In less than a year and a half, the things that Jack has been through — it’s unbelievable. He has found his partner in life and he is so happy. That makes me happy... It is lovely because the family is getting bigger. There was just the five of us, and now we have Pearl and Lisa. We adore Lisa,” she said at the time.

Stelly had a miscarriage.

The couple faced another hardship about a year after their wedding. Stelly took to her now-defunct blog to say that they had lost a baby in the second trimester of pregnancy.

She had said, “I have been dreading this announcement. I needed some time before being able to say it. Jack and I lost our baby boy this week. Having a late-term miscarriage is by far the hardest thing either of us have ever had to go through.”

Stelly and Osbourne were eventually able to have other children.

Despite the difficulties they faced early in their marriage, the couple persevered and went on to have two more daughters. Andy Rose joined the family in 2015, and Minnie Theodora was born in 2017.

They both adored being parents, and Stelly gave Osbourne major credit for being a great dad in a 2016 Instagram post, saying, “Just wanna give a shoutout to this guy. Not only does he get up early with the kids all the time so I can sleep in, but tonight I’m sleeping in the guest room and he’s taking over baby duty all night so I can sleep peacefully.

How did I get so lucky? He’s the most patient, loving person I’ve ever met. Hand clap for all the super dads out there. #superdad #patient #selfless #loveofmylife.”

Stelly filed for divorce in 2018.

However, everything was not as perfect as it seemed in their life. Stelly filed for divorce just a few months after baby Minnie was born.

A source close to the couple told a reporter, “They tried to stay strong and support each other and had therapy sessions for years but there were issues they couldn’t resolve. They just ended up drifting further apart and while Jack wanted to stay together, Lisa had finally had enough.”

The announced their split on social media, telling fans that it was the best choice for their family and they were committed to remaining friends and co-parenting together.


A post shared by Jack Osbourne (@jackosbourne) on May 18, 2018 at 4:39pm PDT

It seemed like Osbourne hadn't completely moved on.

By the time she filed for divorce, Stelly was ready to be completely done with the marriage. Osbourne however, seemed to still be hoping for a reconciliation. This issue came to a head in August 2018 when he stopped by the home he used to share with Stelly and found her new boyfriend at the time, Michael Gabel there.

Osbourne allegedly hit the man, and then left the house. No charges were ever filed.

The couple agreed to their settlement details back in December 2018, with Stelly getting child support and both of them sharing custody. The court finalized the divorce on March 5, 2019. He also agreed to pay Stelly $1 million in their divorce settlement.

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Osbourne now has a new girlfriend, Aree Gearhart.


A post shared by Jack Osbourne (@jackosbourne) on Sep 2, 2019 at 8:27pm PDT

Osbourne himself eventually moved on. He went Instagram official with his new girlfriend, Aree Gearhart, in September 2019.

He posted a snap of his "girl squad" at a carnival, which included Gearhart. They also spent the holidays together with his family and Osbourne posted another cute snap to his page.

Currently, Osbourne and Gearhart are quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stelly is Skylar Astin's girlfriend.


A post shared by Lisa Stelly (@lisastelly) on Jul 10, 2020 at 9:28pm PDT

Pitch Perfect fans will recognize Stelly's new boyfriend as actor Skylar Astin. Recently, the new couple went Instagram official when Stelly dropped a photo of her kissing Astin with the caption, “Is that a bottle of mini champagne in your pocket or u just happy to see me @skylarastin?”

Astin has also been married and divorced. He and former wife, Anna Camp, finalized their divorce in August 2019. 

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