5 Juicy Things To Know About Ozzy Ozbourne's Mistress

The end of an era.

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One of the longest marriages in Hollywood is officially over after 34 years. Sharon Osbourne reportedly found out her husband, Ozzy was cheating through emails. According to The Daily Mail, the other woman is Michelle Pugh. 

So who is MIchelle Pugh? Here are five things to know about the other woman.

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1. She's a hairdresser.

The 45-year-old woman is a highly-regarded colorist in LA. She had private appointment with Ozzy to do his hair. The relationship probably grew from there.

Photo: HollywoodLife

2. She has worked with other celebrities.

The Prince of Darkness isn't her only famous client. She worked with his wife, Sharon, along with Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Silverstone.


3. Heavy metal is also her passion.

It would only make sense, right? Ray Chartman, a friend of Pugh, said, "Michelle was a really nice young girl. She played drums. She didn't party. She was really into heavy metal music and funny, too."

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4. She was fired for the affair.

Since the news came out, Pugh was let go from Mêche Salon in Beverly Hills. A big part of that was because of Sharon.

"She and [daughter] Kelly both called the salon repeatedly for about two weeks before the news broke, trying to get in touch with Michelle. They were really angry," a source told Us Weekly. Sharon is the reason Michelle was let go."

Photo: HollywoodLife


5. Ozzy was helping her financially.

This is probably the straw that broke the camel's back.

"Sharon found out about the affair by searching through Ozzy’s emails," a source told US Weekly. "She was upset that he was supporting this woman!"



What a shame.

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