Who Is Meg Zany? New Details About Jack Osbourne's New Girlfriend

She's dating Jack Osbourne.

Who Is Meg Zany? New Details About Jack Osbourne's New Girlfriend Instagram

Well, Jack Osbourne has moved on after his lengthy and nasty split from his wife of six years, Lisa Stelly. Osbourne and Stelly announced their separation in May and settled their divorce in August. They agreed to joint custody of their children, Pearl, 6, Andy, 3, and Minnie, 10 months. Jack was spotted out and about with artist Meg Zany. Apparently, Osbourne has been dating the pink-haired artist since September. The pair were spotted together in Studio City, California on December 28th. Who is Meg Zany?


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1. She is an artist

Meg Zany is a Los Angeles based street artist known for her Courage Has No Gender campaign, which was intended to highlight the gender disparity in the U.S. Typically her art explores gender inequality and fighting gun violence. Though she is based in L.A., her art has appeared all over the world, including Miami, Montreal, London, Kraków, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Memphis, New Orleans and Austin.


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2. Pink hair don't care

Meg Zany rocks her signature bright pink bob. Do you know who else recently dyed her hair pink? Osbourne's ex-wife Lisa Stelly. His baby mama recently debuted her new pink locks. Hmmmm. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or perhaps it's a post-divorce "wash that man right out of my hair" moment. 


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3. How did they meet?

Well, we wish we could tell you how Jack and Meg met, but the couple is keeping that under wraps for now. Meg did recently post on her social media that she is, “Doing what feels good. Too much time is wasted doing things that don’t feel ‘right’. Regarding life, projects/work, and love. I’m leaping into 2019 with that of which my heart deems worthy.”



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4. Strawberry Shortcake

The 34-year-old artist debuted a campaign last year with a sassy interpretation of the popular 1980s cartoon character. The empowered Strawberry Shortcake was accompanied by words such as "Happily ever after is a state of mind."



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5. Her consent campaign

Zany also tacked the issue of mutual sexual consent by painting a series of vending machines featuring men and women inside with the words "Not 4 sale. Consent is always sexy." She was attempting to put a straightforward but thought provoking spin on the issue. 


6. Jack's divorce drama

Jack's divorce is final. Both he and Lisa get a house in the split. She is living in their Sherman Oaks, California house while Jack is living in their Studio City home. Recently, Jack got in a bit of trouble for punching Lisa's boyfriend, Michael Gabel. TMZ reported that Gabel attempted to intervene in a feud between Osbourne and Stelly in July at their Studio City home, and that Osbourne punched him before leaving. Gabel did not press charges. Osbourne apologized for the incident.



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