Numerology Life Path Numbers Most Compatible With Scorpio Zodiac Signs

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Numerology Life Path Numbers Most Compatible With Scorpio Zodiac Signs

Scorpio is the zodiac sign born between October 23rd and November 21st. If you are familiar with astrology, then you know that zodiac signs are used to understand a person and their relationships with others based on when they were born.

A person’s sign can be a good indicator of how they think, act and feel in any given situation. This information can help people determine if they would have a successful relationship with someone of the same or different horoscope.

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It could save someone a lot of headaches if they already have an idea of what to expect if they were to enter into a relationship with someone. Similar to zodiac signs, in numerology there is something called a life path.

A person’s life path number can be determined by calculating the sum of their birth date. The sum is then used to predict the encounters that person will have in their lifetime based on their astrology personality traits.

This could mean predicting what career field would fit them best or what challenges they might face when it comes to love and expressing emotions. These findings can help us determine if our path is compatible with someone’s zodiac sign.

Take the water sign Scorpio for example. Scorpios are passionate and assertive people who value honesty. So even though they like to express emotions and have a deep connection with their loved ones, because they are so suspicious of others, they need time to build a strong and intimate relationship.

That is why it is important for them to find someone who understands this and who is patient enough to wait for Scorpio to get comfortable enough to trust and respect them. Knowing just this tad bit of information, a person born in life path 5 might not be the best fit for Scorpio.

Persons born in this path hate being restricted and having a relationship based on jealousy. Scorpios are the kings and queens of jealousy and would run life path 5 away.

Here are three life path numbers that are a good love match for Scorpio, per numerology.

Life Path 1 

Like the water sign Scorpio, persons born in life path one are passionate and assertive. This makes them natural born leaders who will use any and all resources available to achieve their goals. There is no goal that Scorpios and persons in life path one set that are not met. Their determination to succeed is what will initially make these two pairs attracted to one another. 

The life path one suggests that these individuals have a hard time trusting others. They believe that if they want something done right then they must do it themselves. Delegating to others is too much of a risk for a person who doesn't wish to fail.

Scorpios are also distrusting of others, and will therefore go to great lengths to find the truth. This makes them slow to open up, making it hard for them to connect with others. Together, Scorpios and life path one person's could work together to let others in and do a better job of forming solid relationships both at home and in the work place. 

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Life Path 3 

As the life path number known for expression, threes work hard to create a safe space to share their emotions with their loved ones. They know that if they don't make an active effort to be open, that they will let their fear of being hurt or misunderstood stop them from having long and fulfilling relationships. 

This is where Scorpio comes into play. Since Scorpios live to experience and express emotions, they can help life path three persons feel safe sharing their deepest secrets. Scorpios are secretive beings themselves and therefore are known to take other's secrets to the grave.

It usually takes Scorpios a long time to build trust and respect for partners, so in opening up, life path three persons will prove themselves worthy of love from this sign early on.    

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Life Path 4 

The life path four suggests that these individuals value security. They pour themselves into their work to make sure they can provide for themselves and their family. There is something about being in control and having plan that puts individuals born in this path at ease.

Scorpio can be sure to put their life path four partner at ease. The sign of Scorpio is hardworking and dedicated to family. They will work hard to be financially stable, as they too equate having more money to having more stability.

In turn, fours will be patient and dependable. Scorpios are known to to be suspicious of others thereby making them careful to enter relationships. Fours won't be run off by this. They will stay true to their word and happily wait for their Scorpio love interest to realize that they are trustworthy. This pair could easily last for a lifetime. 

Life Path 7

There is nothing persons in life path seven enjoy more than investigating. They are known to use their minds to guide their research as they seek to solve any problem and find any truth.

It comes as no surprise that someone so keen on getting to the bottom of the truth finds it difficult to pick out a trustworthy partner. But if they give it a chance, they could find a worthy partner in Scorpio who values the truth just as much as they do.

Because Scorpios value openness and honesty, they can help their life path seven partner become more in touch with their sensitive side. In doing so Scorpio also benefits from the partnership as they learn how to adapt to someone who doesn't exactly act like them.

They will both understand each other's need to be reserved and give each other time and space to decide to form a deeper connection with one another. In due time both parties will come to feel more secure in the relationship as they both gain a different perspective of themselves. 

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