Who Is Connor Cruise? New Details About Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman's Son, Including Why He Never Steps Into The Spotlight

He recently made a rare public appearance.

Who Is Connor Cruise? Details Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Son Now What Happened Instagram

Connor Cruise, 24, stepped out for the first time in a long time in front of LA paparazzi sporting a full beard after eating at the popular Italian restaurant Madeo in California.

The 24-year-old is the adoptive son of actor Tom Cruise and actress Nicole Kidman. The pair were married from 1990 to 2001 and sometime between they adopted two children; Connor and Isabella, 25, who is now the owner of Bella Kidman Cruise clothing brand.


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So who is Connor Cruise?



Hangin with Bellz in London

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Connor Cruise is a DJ and actor. He has appeared alongside Will Smith in the 2008 film “Seven Pounds” and alongside Chris Hemsworth in the 2012 movie “Red Dawn.” 


The child of two extremely famous actors prefers a more private life and his parents, especially Kidman, have made it easier for him to stay out of the Hollywood scene. Kidman, 51, recently told Who Magazine that: “I’m very private about all that. I have to protect all those relationships.”

Cruise, 56, has never spoken out publicly about his adoptive children.

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Connor Cruise now lives in Clearwater, Florida with his father, reports Hollywood Life. Clearwater is home to the headquarters of Scientology which Tom Cruise is famously a part of and now it appears that his son Connor is also part of the controversial religion.


The Daily Mail suggests that Connor’s move to his own house in Clearwater “indicates that Connor is set to follow in his father's footsteps and take a bigger interest in the religion.”

Cruise’s adoptive sister Isabella Cruise is also a Scientologist and practices the religion with her husband since getting married in 2015 in London. Kidman has also recently publicly said that her kids “are adults” and “able to make their own decisions” when asked about her adoptive kids practicing Scientology E!News reports.

Cruise can often be seen deep sea fishing around his Clearwater residence and shares pictures of himself catching large fish in the ocean with his 22.8k followers on Instagram. His most recent post on social media was of him holding a giant tuna fish that he had just caught, with the caption “Birthday Tunas” on Jan. 17. 


Neither one of Connor Cruise’s parents, Nicole nor Tom, have followed their adoptive son on Instagram. Connor Cruise also doesn’t follow either of his parents on social media. 

Tom Cruise also shares a daughter, Suri, 12, with ex-wife Katie Holmes, 40. Nicole Kidman also shares two daughters with husband and musician Kieth Urban, Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith Margaret, 8.

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