Nicole Kidman Says She Was "Damaged" After Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman
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The Australian actress admitted to Marie Claire UK that breaking up with Tom really affected her.

Despite whatever rumors are floating out there about Tom Cruise, it definitely seems that the ladies do love 'em some Tom. First there was that whole thing with Cher… And now there's Nicole Kidman, who admitted to Marie Claire UK in their latest issue that her break-up with Tom did quite the number on her. Cher Was 'Crazy' About Tom Cruise

"That was a great relationship," Nicole said, according to US Magazine. "I think it ran its course." In the aftermath, I was really damaged and not sure whether [love and marriage] was ever going to happen again to me."

To use the word "damaged" we thought was pretty strong. But, we guess that would be expected when you're with someone as long as she had been with Tom, sharing a life and two kids.

These days, of course, Nicole's happy -- or "crazy in love" as she calls it -- with Keith Urban and their two daughters. But it seems she's still got clear memories of her former days with her megastar ex-hubby.

Well, quirky Tom of today aside, if you think about what a hottie he was pre-scientology and couch-jumping (circa Risky Business, Top Gun), then it makes sense that he would be a hard one to get over with all that charm and cuteness. Besides, it's kinda nice to know that Nicole still remembers her love with Tom as a real.

In any case, we're happy that Nicole's so crazy in love with Keith. She should be after a tough break-up! Here's to many more happy days with her current man and fam.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin