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Did Bradley Cooper Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out These Before & After Photos

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Did Bradley Cooper Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out These Before & After Photos

Bradley Cooper sang his way into our hearts even more than before when he and Lady Gaga performed "Shallow," from the movie A Star Is Born, at the 2019 Oscars. The song, which Lady Gaga wrote for the movie, would go on to win the Oscar for Best Original Song. 

During the pair’s steamy performance, the camera pulled in close to his sculpted profile as he tucked his face close to Gaga’s in the final verse of the song and everyone got to feast their eyes on his chiseled jawline and scruffy beard.

But some people began to wonder if Cooper’s jaw might have had all that sculpting done by cosmetic procedures in recent years. Old pictures show him looking a bit different, which has prompted speculation on what the actor has had done over the years.

Did Bradley Cooper have plastic surgery?

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Read on for all the details about his face transformation over the years.

1. He looked different in Alias.

The beginning of Cooper's acting career was largely on the small screen, where he did a lot of tv shows that didn’t make much of an impression. In 2001, he was cast opposite Jennifer Garner in Alias where he played Xander.

Young and good-looking, Cooper came across as rugged and natural looking at the time.

2. Then, he went on to star in Wedding Crashers.

In 2005, Cooper played Sack, the jerky boyfriend to Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers. He lost the girl in the comedy, but definitely made an impression as a hot guy who could pull off a tux.

He was clean shaven and smooth-skinned in that film.

3. Soon after, he rose to fame, thanks to The Hangover.

By 2009, Cooper was a huge star and was helming comedies like The Hangover and raking in big box office numbers. By this time, the actor was 34 and his face was changing to a more mature look.

His scruffy look for this film was a departure from the super clean-cut image of earlier roles. 

4. He looked thinner in American Hustle.

In 2013, Cooper played an FBI agent slowly losing his cool in American Hustle. His face appeared to be significantly thinner than in The Hangover and Silver Linings Playbook, where he’d been playing more haggard characters.

In American Hustle, he sported a thick scruffy beard and a 70s era perm.

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5. He gained weight for American Sniper.

Cooper took a turn to the dramatic in 2014 in American Sniper, where he played military sniper Chris Kyle. A lot of this film required Cooper to look combat worn and he demonstrated that he wasn’t just a pretty face. He’s an actor with a lot of skill.

He may have gained weight for the role, making his jaw look softer than in his younger years.

6. He had a unique look for A Star Is Born.

For his directorial debut, Cooper remade the iconic film A Star Is Born and cast himself opposite Lady Gaga. He grew a ragged beard and long hair to bring home the impression that his character was over the hill.

Despite the aged look, 45-year-old Cooper’s jawline seemed just as sharp as when he was a much younger man. Could that be the result of a surgical procedure? Dr. Darren Smith suggested that it might be the work of injectables like Voluma, which a lot of stars like for facial sculpting without going under the knife. (Dr. Smith had not treated Cooper.)

7. Did Bradley Cooper have plastic surgery? Some speculate he got a nose job.

Dr. Smith also intimated that Cooper’s nose has changed over the years. He suggested that the actor may have had a procedure to refine the tip of his nose at some point. He says other changes might be the result of injectables that can be used for non-surgical changes to the bridge of the nose. 

8. Cooper drew a lot of attention for his "new look" during the 2019 awards season.

Last year, the actor was enjoying a particularly good time in his career as he made the rounds during award season for A Star Is Born. However, his work wasn't the only thing catching people's attention.

The plastic surgery rumors started up again after Cooper was spotted at the Golden Globes and the SAGs sporting a very different look. Cosmetic nurse practitioner Katherine Millar-Shannon weighed in, saying, “In my opinion, Bradley Cooper looks to have had too higher dosages of anti-wrinkle injections to his forehead and Crow’s-feet, eliminating most of his upper face movement.”

Cosmetic physician Dr. Phoebe Jones also noted the recent changes to the actor's look, adding, “The change in the jawline between 2013 and now is, in my opinion, obvious. He has had some volumisation with filler or bio-stimulator to make the jawline more square, prominent and masculine."

At the time, Jones noted that, "In my opinion, Bradley had probably recently had some cheek and tear trough filler prior to the Golden Globes. It can take 3-8 weeks for filler to really settle in to the correct natural position. I usually recommend people get filler done a good 3 months before an important event to allow for this.”

However, after the BAFTA's, Cooper's rumored procedures appeared to be less noticeable. Jones said, “It’s possible that he had some filler dissolved in order to look more like his character in A Star is Born. But I think it’s more likely that the swelling has subsided and the filler has settled in to place.”

Whatever Cooper has or hasn’t had done to his face, there's no doubt that he’s a world class actor and has shown that he’s an extremely gifted director as well. His upcoming projects are a biopic about composer Leonard Bernstein and a film called Atlantic Wall about an American soldier trapped behind enemy lines during the D-Day invasion.

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