How To Keep A Taurus Man Madly In Love With You, According To Astrology

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How To Keep A Taurus Man Interested, According To Astrology

Taurus men are sentimental lovers who have the stubbornness to love you for years. Despite his tough, masculine energy, he's a guy who rather be in love than go through war. This zodiac sign enjoys sitting on a blanket, under a nice tree, enjoying nature.

The Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by Venus — the planet of love. And that ties into how Taurus men express love.

An earth sign, Taurus is known to get along with everyone despite his stubbornness. Once he has his mind set on something, he will not look any other way, except forward. 

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He's someone who loves to observe and way out his options. Be prepared to wait, especially when it comes to love.  

Having a loving relationship takes time, and he's no exception. Don't compare your relationship status to your friends and feel the pressure to be ahead of the game. Love takes time, much like a flower. It takes great care, attention, and dedication to create something beautiful. 

If you show him how much you love him, both through his love language and learning about his behaviors according to astrology, your feelings will surely take over him, and he'll express the same feelings back to you.

Here's how to keep a Taurus man interested and attracted to you.

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1. Be patient with him.


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Although known to be a great communicator, it will take some time for him to tell you how he feels. It takes a great deal when it comes to using his words to express how he feels, because he wants to make sure that what he's expressing is clear and concise. 

When making big emotional decisions, it may take him a while to make those leaps. Communicating to him that you're there and willing to wait will show him how tentative and understanding you are. 

2. Get cozy at home with him.

He's not someone who needs to go out every night. He likes to "Netflix and Chill," but not in the sense that he only wants one thing from you. Instead, he's more about relaxation and spending time with someone he cares about.

When it comes to food, eating comfort food is a great way to his heart. Cuddling up next to him shows him how laid back you can be, and it's a big turn-on for this Bull!

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3. Actions speak louder than words to a Taurus man.

He can be seen pulling off all nighters when it comes to his work. Due to his laid-back approach to life, he feels that all masterpieces take time. However, he's determined to get the work done, and has many characteristics of a full-blown workaholic.

Having someone pay attention to his needs and telling him to step away for a bit to have a meal with you, is a perfect way to have a Taurus man fall in love. It shows that you're willing to be selfless for him.

4. Being supportive of his work and interests makes him trust you. 


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He's an avid learner, where he loves to be constantly working and making new things. Whether it be his hobby or a new career change, he's looking for someone who appreciates his work and champions him to follow his dreams. 

Taking on hobbies isn't for everyone. He knows that it takes a special someone to be able to support his dreams. 

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