30 Best Ugly Holiday Sweaters For Any Festive Party

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It's officially December, and we know what that means: It's now socially appropriate to put up our trees, listen to holiday tunes, endlessly watch Hallmark movies, and, yes, wear the iconic ugly holiday sweater.

Unfortunately, the sweater has gotten a bit of a bad overall rap, but we're here to say that not all ugly holiday sweaters are actually ugly. Instead, they're fun, festive, and some are even humorous! Read on as we list 30 of the best ugly Christmas sweaters on the market, including ugly holiday sweaters for every occasion. We're sure they'll have you thinking the farthest thing from ugly.  

1. Emmer & Oat's Collection of Holiday Sweaters

Who says that one has to wear an ugly "ugly" holiday sweater? Instead, mix the traditional patterns with the modern day flare. Emmer & Oat's collection features a kelly green fabric perfect for the Christmas spirit. Pick between a reindeer and an assortment of winter icons. 

(Emmer & Oat, $88) 

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2. Zappos Whoopi Holiday Collection

Who knew Whoopi Goldberg crushes both daytime television and designing the perfect themed holiday sweater? Featured here is the red massive stocking sweatshirt, and among her collection she also has the tree skirt, the Christmas take of Rosie the Riveter, and the (actual usable) advent calendar.  

(Zappos, $99) 

3. NFL or NCAA Holiday Sweater by FOCO

With the NCAA college playoff coming up, and NFL football being in full swing, what better way to kill two birds with one stone? Wear your favorite team and stay to the holiday sweater theme.

(SOCO, $90) 

4. Let Me Take A #ELFIE Holiday Sweater by P.J. Salvage

The day the selfie goes out of style (which is likely never) is the day this ugly holiday sweater won't be completely adorable. 


5. I Sleigh Holiday Crewneck by Accidental Genius Clothing

If there was ever the best play on words we've ever seen, it's this one. And we can't believe it's on a holiday sweater. Beyoncé would be so proud!

(Accidental Genius Clothing, $30)

6. Only Santa Can Judge Me Holiday Sweater by Tipsy Elves 

Well, it's true! Only Santa can determine who's on the naughty or nice list, so don't let what others think stop you from rocking your holiday spirit. 


7. Game of Thrones Themed Holiday Sweaters by TeePinch 

Naturally, since "winter is coming," we're expecting countless number of Game of Thrones references. And what wouldn't be a proper GOT fan fare without Jon Snow?

(TeePinch, $34.99) 

8. RAISEVERN Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Bikini Edition 

It's cold outside, like really cold, and sometimes we'd like to just pretend we're somewhere on a beach in a bikini. That's where this jacket comes into play. 


9. NamaSleigh Santa Holiday Sweater 

What do yoga and Santa Claus have in common? Well, not much, but this sweater is pretty ridiculously cute, zen, and festive. 


10. Fake Trees President Trump Parody Holiday Sweater 

Try and not get countless laughs wearing this "fake news"-mocking sweater to a holiday party. But be advised, it may not be the best attire for a work party. 


11. Santa Censored Holiday Sweater 

By the looks of this sweater, Santa has earned himself a place on the naughty list this year. 


12. Happy Holla Days Santa's Holiday Sweater 

Santa is one of the most popular guys in the world, so naturally he's kept up with the trends and obviously the lingo. So, holla!

(K-Mart, $14.99) 

13. It's The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer Holiday Long Sleeve

Between wrapping gifts, impressing family members, and hearing "Santa Baby" for the hundredth time, it may just be time for a beer. 


14. Still Single So Don't Ask Holiday Sweater 

Speaking of needing a beer, while grabbing that beer, realize your family and friends around you will be very alert to the fact that you're single. Because you're able to say it without speaking, and thank goodness. 

(Free Up, $29.99) 

15. BAH-HUMPUG Holiday Sweater by Tipsy Elves 

Dogs and holiday sweaters? We don't think there can be a greater combination. Not only any ordinary dog, but an adorable pug. 



16. Get Lit Holiday Sweater by WilfGang

If the cute elf and the play-on-words saying didn't play this sweater up enough, the sweater itself lights up. Yeah, that's right: it actually illuminates. You'll have the wonderful task of hanging out by the tree and garland all night. 

(WilfGang, $45.50) 

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17. Jolly Holiday Printed Lounge Pants by Pink Lily

While this is an ugly sweater round up, we're not completely leaving out the ability to be cheesy all over. This includes your pants, and thankfully Jolly Holiday provided us with the iconic holiday sweater print lounge pants to wear at your holiday get-together. 

(Pink Lily, $38) 

18. Not-So-Ugly Vintage Holiday Sweater 

We all have that friend (or maybe we are that friend) who, just because there's a theme, doesn't mean design, flare, and style come secondary. Trendy and Tipsy realized there was a market for "ugly" holiday sweaters and decided to introduce a line of adorably trendy sweaters. We're so happy they did! 

(Trendy & Tipsy, $50) 

19. Fair Isle Sweater by American Eagle

AE creates the perfect option for men that can be questionably perfect for a random stroll through a cold winter day, as well as cheesy enough to crush an "ugly" holiday sweater. Bonus: It's made with quality material and is oh so cozy!

(American Eagle, $24.97)

20. Gelt Digger Chanukah Holiday Long Sleeve 

We didn't forget the Chanukah holiday! This play on words is absolutely witty and adorable. But to be honest, we're not sure if we would choose gold, or gold-plated chocolate. That's a hard decision to make. 


21. Official Holiday Taste Tester Holiday Sweater

The best spot to be in during any holiday party? The kitchen. And we don't mean cooking, we mean the tasting. The one who hops from dish to dish ensuring the cook how wonderful their dishes are. Hey, it's a hard role to fill, and someone has to do it.

(Free Up, $29.99) 

22. Birthday Boy (Happy Birthday Jesus) Holiday Sweater

Christmas is Jesus' birthday, so it's only fitting to wear a shirt honoring him on his annual holiday. 


23. Holiday Hangover Festivities Sweater 

Maybe to be worn the day after a holiday party. We believe it's perfect for the Christmas morning present unwrapped after spending a Christmas Eve spent sipping spiked eggnog. 

(Free Up, $29.99) 

24. Men's Drinking Game Ugly Christmas Holiday Sweater 

Why have just another ugly holiday sweater at a party, when your sweater can be the actual hit of the party? By hit, we mean actually hit... and throw, and play, with this play of beer pong drinking game where your apparel is the main star. 


25. Traveling Festivities Holiday Sweater by Emirates 

Maybe you're always on the road, jet-setting from one place to the other (or maybe someone in your family or friends). This year, celebrate with Emirates festive holiday sweater. It incorporates everything about Emirates, Dubai, and travel all into one. 

(Emirates, $50) 

26. Festive Holiday Slippers by iSlide USA

We've got sweater, we've got pants, so what's next? Well, naturally, our feet! These iSlide USA slippers are not only ugly holiday apparel approved, they are the perfect gift for any NBA lover in your family. Plus, with all the NBA games playing on Christmas morning, they'll be decked out in their favorite team's holiday gear.  

(iSlide, $49.99) 

27. Wrapped Present Holiday Sweater by Tipsy Elves

If you're going to wear an ugly holiday sweater, why not go all out? That's what this sweater does. It goes all out. Let everyone know you're the present at the party. No need to carry in any extra gifts, just don't be expecting too many holiday cards next year.


28. Children's Reindeer Ruffle Sweater by Janie & Jack 

Can't leave out our little ones on this list! Keeping things classic and yet oh-so-cheesy is Janie & Jack's holiday sweater collection. Included with reindeers and all.

(Janie & Jack, $43.99) 

29. Rick and Morty Holiday Sweater by Think Geek's Christmas Collection

A perfect sweater for the geek at heart this holiday season. Not only does ThinkGeek have a Rick and Morty themed sweater, they also have Zelda, Mario, and Pokémon (among many others). 

(ThinkGeek, $29.99) 

30. Festive Holiday Sweater Necklace by Jewels For Hope

Maybe it's not an all out ugly holiday sweater party but you're looking to rock something festive. Why not try this holiday sweater necklace by Jewels For Hope? Handcrafted and handwoven, this necklace includes seed beads in an adorable Reindeer Sweater Pattern. Plus, portions of the profits are donated to a charity of your choice.

(Etsy, $45) 

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