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Does Jorge From 90-Day Fiancé Have A Child? New Details On His Rumored 10-Year-Old Daughter

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Does Jorge from 90-day Fiancé have a child?

Does Jorge from 90 Day Fiancé have a child? Fans of TLC's 90 Day Fiance have been following Jorge and Anfisa on their rocky road to romance for several years now. The marijuana salesman and his Russian bride have faced multiple obstacles to happiness since Anfisa arrived in the US. Between the family resistance to their relationship, the lies Jorge tells to get his way, and Anfisa's hot temper, the two of them have made for some great tv moment — but not a great marriage.

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This week we learned a new allegation about Jorge's past that might throw the couple's future into doubt. What happened to make Anfisa distrust Jorge even more? Read on to find out.

1. Reunited

The season began with Anfisa deciding to let Jorge move back in with her after a separation of a few months. In that time, she had gotten herself an apartment and enrolled in school. She was also doing work promoting brands on social media. Jorge had been crashing with friends and family and gave no indication that he had been working.

2. Legal Proceedings

Before he showed up on Anfisa's doorstep hoping to reconcile, Jorge had visited a divorce attorney to discuss how to get out of the marriage. He didn't consult Anfisa about the meeting, taking only his sister Lourdes, who hates openly hates Anfisa.

3. Secret Life

One thing that bothers Anfisa is the way Jorge has kept her away from his friends in the past. He tells her he's going out to meet a buddy and Anfisa asks to join them, shocking both Jorge and the friend. He says he never thought Anfisa would want to meet his friends, once again demonstrating how bad he is at marriage that he doesn't even think to include Anfisa in the rest of his life.

4. Couples Therapy

Jorge agrees to go to couples therapy with Anfisa, where she breaks down in tears about his history of lies and the way he lets his family trash talk her. Jorge admits that he lies a lot but doesn't seem to understand how significant a problem habitual lying is.


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5. Caught

Speaking of lies, Jorge starts lying to Anfisa on camera when a producer says something about his visit to the divorce lawyer. Jorge, who knows full well that producers filmed the whole meeting, outright lies to Anfisa about it and tells her irt never happened. What was going through his head as he did that? Who knows. Jorge has lied about everything else, gotten caught in all his lies and keeps doing it.

6. Solo Sessions

After the latest blatant lying episode, Jorge and Anfisa each head to the therapist alone. Anfisa talks about her concern that she and Jorge will never work things out enough to have a family together. Jorge says he thinks all their problems would be solved if he had more money because Jorge has apparently not figured out that marriage is about caring for the emotional needs of your partner, not just buying her things.


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7. Love Child

Anfisa's concerns about Jorge not being a good potential father are suddenly thrown into sharp relief when she gets an email from a woman claiming to have a 10 year old child fathered by Jorge. Anfisa tells producers this isn't the first time she's heard from this woman — earlier contact came before the show even started filming. Is the little girl really Jorge's? Anfisa says, if she is, that's the end of the marriage.

What is next for these two trouble lovebirds? The next episode airs this coming Sunday on TLC.

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