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Who Is Jorge's Sister, Lourdes? New Details About The 90-Day Fiancé Sibling Who Loathes Anfisa

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Among the great dramatic romances of our time, we have Catherine and Heathcliff, Rhett and Scarlett, and Jorge and Anfisa.

TLC viewers know all about the bizarre relationship between the medical marijuana dealer and his Russian bride. The two found love online after Jorge spotted her sexy photos on Instagram — or possibly on a pornographic webcam site. He messaged her relentlessly but she didn't respond until he told her he was rich. He was lying but she didn't know that until much later. He kept up the charade by buying her lavish gifts and taking her on trips until she agreed to marry him and come to live in the US. 

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Television audiences and Jorge's family could see there was trouble in paradise with these two. From the start, Anfisa was volatile and easy to anger. She also has a lot of financial demands that she was making on Jorge. The season opened with her erasing his phone remotely from Russia because he wouldn't buy her a $10,000 handbag. Jorge excused it all because he just couldn't get over how beautiful she is but his older sisters made no such excuses. Their opinion was that Anfisa was a golddigger and nothing she did or said was going to convince them otherwise.

Older sister Lourdes has become a breakout star of the Jorge and Anfisa love story. She is willing to stand by her little bro at every turn and won't give an inch in her impressions of Anfisa. But who is Jorge's sister, Lourdes and why is she so against Jorge's marriage to Anfisa? Read on to see.

1. Three sisters

Jorge has three older sisters and all of them appear to be protective of their younger brother. Jorge states repeatedly in the show his family didn't approve of his relationship with an Instagram model from another land but he pursued it anyway.

2. First impressions

Lourdes was the first to get to meet Anfisa after she arrived in the US. Lourdes walked into the meeting with a negative attitude and seemed prepared to hate her brother's fiancé on sight. She spent the conversation grilling Anfisa about her motives. She states outright the whole family thinks Anfisa is using Jorge.

3. United front

In the earliest phases of the relationship, Jorge and Anfisa fought almost constantly, with Anfisa sending Jorge to sleep in his car more than once. No, not on the couch. In his car. He responds to that by buying Anfisa an engagement ring and having lunch with his sister's to vent about his woes. Lourdes, the only family member to have met Anfisa, has clearly briefed her sisters and they all share the same message to Jorge: this woman is using you for your money. She does not love you.

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4. Time out here

Let's take a moment away from the events of this family drama to think about what Jorge's sister's are really saying. These women, who claim to be their brother's strongest defenders, cannot conceive of a woman loving him for his own sake. Instead of being happy their brother has found the girl of his dreams, Lourdes's message to him sounds more like, "She couldn't possibly love you. You're unlovable. She's after your money." With friends like that, who needs enemies? No wonder Jorge's romantic self-esteem is a mess.

5. But she's right

The sad thing is that their message to Jorge, no matter how detrimental to his self-image, is actually true in this case. Anfisa confirms that money is a major factor in her decision to marry him. So, Lourdes is actually pretty insightful.

6. And also he's broke.

The thing Lourdes doesn't ever grasp — or Jorge for that matter — is that the relationship was built on two things: that Anfisa was beautiful and Jorge was rich. Anfisa showed up in the US looking exactly like she looks in photos. She delivered on her promise. Jorge, on the other hand, is actually broke. If Lourdes had known that, she probably should have counseled little bro not to make promises about money that he couldn't keep. 

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7. What she's not is tactful

Lourdes may be right about Anfisa's motives but she has a terrible way of defending her brother. She meets Jorge and Anfisa for dinner and instead of making the case that her brother is lovable and Anfisa should see that about him, she goes on the attack. She all but calls Anfisa a whore to her face. Anfisa wisely walks away from the whole situation.

8. Lourdes hurts Anfisa

The Russian model may come across as an ice-queen but she confesses Jorge's sisters make her feel bad. What's worse, Jorge never stands up for her. He's happy to defend his sisters, however. 

9. Who really wants a divorce?

Within a few months of marriage, Jorge and Anfisa are living apart after all the arguments about money and the way Jorge seems to prefer his sisters to his wife. It's no surprise to find Jorge in a divorce lawyer's office on the first episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Every After? this season. And it's not really a shock to see Lourdes sitting beside him.  She wants her brother all to herself, apparently.

Will Lourdes lead her brother out of the marriage and back into the family fold? Keep watching to see what big sis has in store for her brother this season.

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