Are Paul And Karine From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

Paul and Karine had a tempestuous courtship. Are they still together now?

Are Paul and Karine from 90-day fiancé still together?

Are Paul and Karine from 90-Day Fiancé still together? Last summer, 90-Day Fiancé fans were treated to the spectacle of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, where Americans traveled abroad to meet potential future spouses. One such couple was Paul and Karine. Paul was a 34-year-old Kentucky native and Karine, a 21-year-old from a tiny village in Brazil. The couple met on an international dating app and hit it off despite the distance and the fact that they didn't speak the same language. All of their communication took place via translation app. Imagine trying to date using Google Translate to talk and you get the drift.


The two lovebirds were determined to make it work, however, and Paul began the season explaining about his planned trip to Brazil to meet Karine in person. 

Did the two of them find true love? And are they still together now? Read on to find out.

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1. Be Prepared

Paul is a local to Louisville, Kentucky, an area with clean water and very few parasitic infections so he was a bit concerned about health issues he might face in Brazil. In the first episode, he talks about the precautions he's going to take to protect himself from disease in brazil, including covering his gentials while swimming because of rumored fish that will swim up his urethra. (Note: No such fish exist. They're essentially an urban legend.)


2. Boat Dock?

When Paul arrives in Brazil, he has to maneuver all of his considerable luggage from the airport to a dock where he'll be able to meet the boat to get to Karine's village. Despite all this other preparations, he failed to learn even the most rudimentary Portuguese so he's basically unable to communicate to his taxi driver.

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3. Love Nest

After finally meeting up with Karine, he visits her home and meets her family. Neither of Karine's parents seem especially impressed with him. Paul manages to make it worse by asking her father for permission to propose to his daughter by using a hand gesture more commonly associated with sex than with marriage. He also asks for permission to take their daughter off to a hotel for the night, thus confirming what his parents probably thought of his pantomime.



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4. No Love In The Nest

When he gets Karine to the hotel, he informs her that there will be no sex, despite his suggestive gesturing earlier. He tells the audience via interview that he won't be intimate with Karine until she takes an STD and pregnancy test. He does not offer to take a similar test probably because, as he later admits on camera, he hasn't had sex in years.


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5. Poop Water

Karine wants to show Paul her home and what she does for fun, so she suggests a swim in the river. She dons a bikini and hops right in. Paranoid Paul is convinced that the water is full of untreated sewage or something and keeps saying, "Poop water. No poop water" as he climbs into full-body protective gear before going into the water.


6. High Drama

The action for these two peaked when Paul decided to confess to Karine that he had a criminal record back in the states and had dome some time in jail for arson. Karine took it in stride but he ran off and threatened to jump in the water because he didn't feel worthy of her. While Karine was trying to get show producers to help her bring Paul back, they were all mugged by a guy with a machete. This is not a joke; it really happened.

7. Happily Ever After

The two of them finally managed to get engaged by the end of the season. At the tell-all, audiences find out that Paul has returned to Brazil and they're exploring their options for a future together there. After that, the couple fell off the reality TV radar, though gossip sites tracked Paul's social media posts. Last winter, there were rumors that the couple had split up after Karine cheated on Paul. Later, however, sources said the two were not just back together, they were actually married.


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8. Pitter-Patter

The most intruiging post came just recently. Paul posted an instagram photo of a smiling Karine showing off what appeared to be a baby bump. He deleted it but not before some followers got a screen shot. Are the couple expecting a bundle of joy?

Whats next for these two? The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days starts in August so audiences will soon find out.


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