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Why Was Azan's Visa Denied On 90-Day Fiancé? New Details About His Ex-Girlfriend And How She's Involved

Why Was Azan's Visa Denied On 90-Day Fiancé?

Why was Azan's visa denied on 90-Day Fiancé? Fans of TLC's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After have been on a rollercoaster ride with Nicole and Azan this season. The single mom from Florida has been trying to get married to her unemployed Moroccan fiancé for two years now. Their relationship has mainly happened on FaceTime with just a few short visits to get to know each other. 

During those visits, we've discovered Nicole can't get used to the restrictions of a Muslim country, Azan isn't delighted about caring for Nicole's young daughter, and Azan is only 55% attracted to Nicole.

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Despite all of that the couple is engaged and trying to find a way to be together. Not everyone thinks they're ready to get married, including Nicole's entire family and the US Department of State. Azan's visa application has been denied.

Why was he shut out? Read on to find out.

1. Waiting Games

When the season opened, Nicole was impatient waiting to hear back from Azan after his visa interview with the embassy. While she fretted about the outcome, her mom reminded her that Azan has been asking her for money for two years and hasn't offered Nicole much in return.


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2. Denied

The news out of the embassy isn't good. Nicole gets an email telling her that Azan's visa application has been refused. Devastated, she goes to see an immigration attorney to try and figure out the next steps. The attorney tells her a number of reasons visa can be denied this way, all of which raise some concerns about Azan's past. 

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3. Plan B

Nicole doesn't seem troubled by the possibility that Azan has a shady background. Instead, she decides to pursue another means of getting herself married. She tells Azan she can fly to Morocco, marry him there, and live there until the US is willing to issue him a spousal visa. The first step is convincing Azan, who seems reluctant.


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4. Say Yes To The Dress

Despite the disapproval of her family, the US government and even her fiancé, Nicole barrels ahead with wedding planning. She and her mom go to pick out a dress, despite her mother's obvious misgivings about the marriage, and the world's misgivings about the propriety of a strapless gown in Morocco.


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5. Bombshell

As Nicole moves forward with her plans to get married, she's smacked in the face with some bad news. Recordings of Azan having suggestive conversations with another girl have surfaced online and Nicole is shocked and hurt by the discovery. Azan has no real explanation for the recordings.

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6. Still Going

Nicole is clearly a mess about the visa denial, the family disapproval, and now a cheating fiancé. Instead of sitting down and forcing Azan to have a frank conversation about his past and their future, Nicole picks up her wedding dress and packs for Morocco.


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7. Excuses

By the time Nicole lands in Morocco, Azan has cooked up a story about the phone calls, trying to play them off as some kind of prank he and his buddies were playing. Nicole seems mollified and accepts the explanation. Azan doesn't even seem to believe his own story and can't keep a straight face when he talk about it.


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8. Unanswered questions

We still don't know exactly why Azan's visa was denied, however. The embassy never explained it and Nicole doesn't seem anxious to question Azan further. But in the latest episode, things start to come out about why he might have been considered a bad risk for a visa. Azan explains a bit about a past relationship that he thinks may have had an effect, saying "I used to date this girl from Belarus and I went there before I knew Nicole," Azan explained in his confessional.

"I think that the guy from [the] Embassy like, he keep asking about my trip to Belarus because he didn’t believe the relationship between me and Nicole. He thought if I’m just like, trying to leave Morocco and go to Belarus and do the same thing like — just to leave Morocco and go to America." Given the cheating allegations swirling about Azan, right now, the guy at the embassy may have been on to something

Insiders say that show producers are planning to interrogate Azan in the tell-all. We may finally get answers about why Nicole's husband-to-be isn't allowed in the US.

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