The Spotify Playlist That Speaks To Your Soul, Based On Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

Exactly what you need to play on repeat.

The Best Spotify Playlist For Your Myers Briggs Personality Type To Celebrate World Music Day reshot

World Music Day 2018 falls on Thursday, June 2018 (also the official first day of Summer — so many things to celebrate!).

The Make Music festival began in France as the Fête de la Musique in the 1980s as a way to celebrate this enormous impact music has on us and has since transformed into a worldwide celebration of music in all of its forms.

Chances are you listen to music every single day, whether it’s just a song in your head, background music while you work, or a full on jam sesh with your friends. We use fast-paced songs to help enhance our moods, and slow songs to help up wallow. We feel true connections with our favorite artists and the sounds they share.


There are so many different kinds of music and a lot of things that influence the music we’re exposed to and in turn, prefer. For example, you might naturally gravitate toward what your parents listened to during your childhood or the popular music of your culture. But, while it may seem that what you like listening to lands on the nurture end of the nature vs. nurture debate, did you know your personality type plays a role in your love for Drake or sincere hatred of country music?


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According to a 2018 study, your personality traits influence your taste in music. Researchers from the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and the California Institute of Technology studied over 21,000 people using an online survey to discover how personality traits affect music tastes. The study focused on how the Big Five personality traits correlated with different genres of music.

Researchers found that people who liked mellow acoustic music were more likely to be extroverted. Meanwhile, people who ranked high on openness preferred “sophisticated music” and classical music was more geared toward those with “imaginative and insightful” personalities.

Your Myers Briggs personality type is probably the best predictor of your favorite music. In 2016, 16 Personalities conducted a study of over 4000 to reveal everything about how your personality type listens to music.


What better way to celebrate World Music Day than to blast the music that gets you in every way? Check out the best Spotify playlist for your Myers Briggs personality type.

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INTJ: Epic Classical

If you have an INTJ personality type, you’re one of the most strategic thinkers of the lot. As an analyst, you can appreciate technical details and never stop wanting to learn more. You naturally gravitate toward classical, intricate music.


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INTP: Classical Music for Metalheads

With an analyst personality type, you appreciate the detail that goes into making music. But you’re also as inventive as they come and live to push boundaries, so you can always appreciate a good headbanger. This playlist is the perfect mix.


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ENTJ: Butter

As an ENTJ, you’re a strategic thinker with a special knack for being able to see the big picture even when things don’t always seem to add up. This unique jazz playlist is the perfect fit for your ambitious, imaginative nature.


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ENTP: Totally Alt

You are a natural “devil’s advocate” with a knack for pushing the limits and thinking outside the box, like all of the best rock artists.

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INFJ: Rock Your Rights

As an INFJ, you are no doubt a dreamer and you always fight for what you believe in. You always aim to help others and follow a strict moral code. If that doesn’t sound exactly like Bono from U2, I don’t know what does.

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INFP: Emo Forever

You always look on the bright side of things. You’re driven by emotion, and may often feel like people don’t understand you. Like most 2000s emo band members, for example.

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ENFJ: Big Band

You’re well known for your charismatic personality, though you always do what you can to make sure your natural confidence and strong aura are used to help people. You need a playlist that has a big personality to match.

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ENFP: Pop Remix

ENFPs are known for the free-spirit ways and positive attitudes. You’re super social and prefer upbeat music that brings people together.

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ISTJ: Songs to Sing in the Shower

As one of the most common personality types, you’re the backbone of society. You’re reliable and analytical, just like the pop music that sure, might be a little predictable, but where would we be without it?


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ISFJ: Deep Dark Indie

You’re as dedicated as they come, and will defend your beliefs and relationships until the end. You lead with your emotions and see beauty where others don’t, which is why moody indie music is best for you.

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ESTJ: Throwback Covers 70s and 80s

For you, upholding tradition is more important than anything else. You’re a great leader because you follow the example of successful people who’ve come before you and stick to what you believe in.

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ESFJ: United States Top 50

If there was only one word to describe you, it’s popular. People love you, and you love people. You love staying in-the-know and do what you can to keep up with what’s going on in the world so you never run out of things to talk about with anyone you can.

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ISTP: Psychedelic Rock

You’re super hands-on and creative. You live for spontaneous adventures and take life one day at a time, learning through experience rather than previously established order.

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ISFP: Lush Lofi


You’re a natural adventurer, open to doing pretty much anything and going anywhere. You’re quite the oxymoron, as you have no problem pushing boundaries and are rather unpredictable, all-the-while remaining an introvert through-and-through. You identify best with a playlist that’s out-of-the-box, yet not too overwhelming.

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ESFP: Mega Hit Mix


You love being the center of attention. You’re a born entertainer — the world is your stage. You’re attractive to everyone, as is this playlist that covers it all.

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