13 Best Friend Tattoos That Will Inspire You BOTH To Get Inked

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BFF Best Friend Tattoos
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Best friends 4 EVS!

You and your best friend have been BFFs for a LONG time. You know exactly how she takes her coffee, what her favorite color is, and what movie she loves to watch when she needs some cheering up.

When you and your best friend go out, everyone asks if you two are sisters — and honestly, you two are probably closer to being twins than just best friends.

Best friends are always there to lend a shoulder when you're sad, and you're always there to return the favor with a bottle of wine in one hand and her favorite movies in the other when she needs it most.


When you were little, you both probably got matching BFF necklaces from Claire's that turned your skin green (but who cares as long as everyone knew you two were best friends). That jewelry was something cute and fun that you and your friend wore to represent how everlasting your friendship was.

Now that you two are older, what is more everlasting and permanent than getting matching tattoos, right? Not only will your tattoos look TOTALLY rad, but they will also be a permanent reminder that you and your best friend (or friends!) are ride-or-die chicks until the end.

These best friend tattoos we found will definitely make you want to start brainstorming something cute and meaningful for you and your BFF to get to show each other how valuable your friendship is.

Not entirely convinced? Talk about some small tattoo ideas with your friend and come up with some dainty tattoo ideas that won't take up too much space, but will still look awesome. Afterwards, you can spam Instagram with your matching tattoos and make everyone else jealous about how cute you two are! (DUH.)

The lines and dots underneath is Morse Code for BFF!
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If you and your BFF love kitties, these are PERFECT for you both.
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Your best friend is always there through thick and thin.
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Show off your love for the beach by getting matching seashell tattoos with your BFF. CUTE!
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Getting a Yin Yang tattoo with your BFF completes the symbol when you two are together.
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For when you and your BFF are as different as night and day.
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For when you and your best friend fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces.
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Who's got the lighter and who's got the joint? (LOL!)
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The perfect matching tattoos for Harry Potter nerds.
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Minimalist arrow tattoos are great for best friend groups of two or more.
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Tally marks can stand for the number of years you and your BFF have known each other!
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Matching cat tattoos are perfect for BFF cat lovers.
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Pinky promises last forever.
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