Heartbreaking New Details About The Woman Who Stayed Alive On Life Support Long Enough To Give Birth To Her Baby — After She Was Shot Four Times

Photo: GoFundMe
Heartbreaking New Details About The Woman Who Stayed Alive On Life Support Long Enough To Give Birth To Her Baby

She delivered her baby at just 23 weeks pregnant.

A pregnant Ohio woman on life support gave birth to a healthy baby boy just in time.

Lindzie Wilson, 25, was shot in the head at point-blank range, and again in the leg and shoulder outside of her home on March 1. She was kept alive long enough to give birth on April 21, PEOPLE reports.

She died three days later as a result of being taken off of life support, Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf said at a press conference.

“(She) had been on life support at Miami Valley Hospital due to her being pregnant in order to save the life of her unborn child,” states a report obtained by WHIO. “On April 21, the baby was delivered and subsequently the victim (Wilson) was taken off of life support at which time she (died) on April 24 at 11:23 a.m.”


Wilson was 16 weeks pregnant, according to a GoFundMe page that was created after she was shot. That means she was just 23 weeks along in her pregnancy when she gave birth.

Jana Yates, Wilson’s best friend for 20 years, told The Springfield News-Sun the “small but healthy” baby boy was named Bailee. That was what Wilson had planned on naming her son, she said.

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According to a report, an autopsy performed by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office concluded that Wilson died from trauma caused by the gunshot wound she suffered in the back of her head.

“Lindzie didn’t do anything for someone to shoot a pregnant unarmed woman,” Yates told The Springfield News-Sun. “It’s ridiculous how much people are cowards and I pray every day that they are caught.”


Wilson’s death has been ruled a homicide but no suspects have been identified.

Her friends and family are asking anyone with information about the case to come forward and have spread the word of Wilson’s death via social media in hopes of finding her killer.

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“I can’t say what I really want to say about the murder but I will say they will pay, whether it be here on earth or at Heaven’s gates,” Yates said. “I had an amazing best friend for 20 years and now our family has an amazing beautiful guardian angel watching over us.”

They simply want the person who flipped their lives upside-down to be brought to justice.

“We want justice served for the cold-hearted person that did this to her,” Yates said. “They took her along with our hearts the day she was shot.”

According to WHIO, Wilson is the second pregnant woman in Springfield who was shot, delivered her baby, and then died.

Graf said the cases are unrelated.

“In a sense of unusual, I think more than anything it's tragic,” Graf said of the two cases. “... And also I would definitely say ... not connected, neither of these cases is connected to another.”

Anyone with information about Wilson’s death should call 937-324-7685 or 937-324-7716, Graf said.

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