New Details About The Married Father Of Four Found In Mexico With A 16-Year-Old Girl He Checked Out Of A Pennsylvania School Without Her Parents' Permission

Photo: Miami Dade Police
Kevin Esterly, Amy Yu, Found Mexico

Kevin Esterly and Amy Yu were taken into custody over the weekend.

A 45-year-old Pennsylvania man who ran off with a 16-year-old girl was found in Mexico. 

Police say the teenage girl who willing ran off with him, Amy Yu, was unharmed. They were both transported back to the states. Yu was reunited with her family, and Kevin Esterly is being held in Miami. 

A lawyer for his wife, Stacey Esterly, said he's been calling her repeatedly from jail but she hasn't been answering. 

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"Stacey is happy that Amy is home and that Kevin is in custody," attorney John Waldron said.

Federal agents and Mexican authorities found Yu and Esterly in Playa del Carmen on Sunday. Then they were both flown to Miami. 

Yu and Esterly, who's a married father of four, had been missing since Mar. 5. Police said they bought one-way tickets from Philadelphia to Dallas and then went to Cancun. 

Esterly had signed her out of school 10 times in the past few months. Yu had altered her own student records to list him as her stepfather so he could take her. 

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Authorities said Esterly and Yu met at church years ago. Yu is reportedly friends with one of his daughters. 

Stacey Esterly said she and her husband have been fighting since the summer about his relationships with the teen. 

Kevin Esterly is currently awaiting processing in Miami. He will reportedly face a charge of child custody interference when he gets to Pennsylvania. 

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