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40 Quotes By Poet J. Iron Word That Remind You That You're Worthy Of Love

I’m just going to come right out and say it: You are worth so much more than you’re willing to give yourself credit for. 

I know, it’s hard to build yourself up and actually mean it. To stand in front of the mirror every morning and repeat a positive affirmations and a mantra of self-love, or to put yourself first even when everyone else around you is asking for help. It's hard.

But how come being nice to ourselves is so much harder than being mean? Why is it so much easier to list off all your weaknesses instead of appreciating your strengths?

We often convince ourselves — or are told at a young age — that we’re only whole when someone loves us. But that someone many believe has to be another person — it can never be ourselves. We think we need our “other half” to be complete and happy in life because, somehow, this other person is supposed to save us.

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Having someone important in your life is, well, important, but that other person isn't the only way to make you whole. You have to learn how to see strength and love within yourself before you can open your heart to others.

You probably already know what it feels like to try to make new friends, or work on making your relationship better when you’re not really feeling yourself. It’s like trying to walk in quicksand; your mind just won’t go there because you haven’t learned how to trust yourself yet. 

Once you can see yourself as someone worthy of love and acceptance, then you will find the love you need in someone else – or more love for yourself.

Life gets hard, but finding your inspiration to make yourself believe just how awesome you are helps a LOT.

Take J. Iron Word’s poetry on Instagram. I think I was on his page for less than two minutes and I was already pumped about myself. He's the poet you read when you’re feeling down in the dumps and need to remind yourself that life is going to be a bummer, but you don’t have to let it get you down.

He writes that sometimes, you need to fall apart to become whole again — kind of like the Japanese art of kintsugi when broken pottery is mended with gold.

His poems are like little love letters you would send to yourself if your heart came with a mailing address.

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But the one thing you should always remember (and I think J. Iron Word would agree), is not to beat yourself up for living life like a human.

We all make mistakes, we all deal with heartbreak and have a hard time loving ourselves; we all understand and have been through the same things. So, why make yourself feel bad for having a bad day or for not being able to stay positive?

Embrace yourself and do you, and remember to save some love for yourself every day. You can find J. Iron Word’s poetry on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as his new book Abstract Heart on Amazon.

1. Sometimes, things have to get worse before they can get better.

“Sometimes things have to become completely undone, before they can be mended.” — J. Iron Word

2. Grow and grow, then grow some more.

“I have experienced enough growth in life to be a giant by now.”  J. Iron Word

3. What will you remember most about life?

“When we look back, it will be the little things in life that mattered the most, like the sun and rain, laughing and love.”  J. Iron Word

4. You might not be perfect, but neither am I and I love it that way.

“I know you’re not perfect, but to be honest there’s no such thing and even if there was I would not want it, because I adore the shit out of your chaos.”  J. Iron Word

5. The true definition of a hot mess.

“We are all a mess, but it is how we keep it together that makes us beautiful.”  J. Iron Word

6. Always get back up.

“She has a talent for falling down, but even more so for getting back up again.”  J. Iron Word

7. Love your good and your bad equally.

“Be you, the real you, because every bit of you is beautiful; even your bad needs to breathe.”  J. Iron Word

8. Flex those (metaphorical) muscles!

“You are stronger than you can imagine, even on the days you feel the weakest.”  J. Iron Word

9. You are uniquely you.

“She is not your typical anything, but somehow uniquely everything.”  J. Iron Word

10. Don’t forget: She’s in control.

“Never be the one to tell her she can’t, because she can and she will, with or without you.”  J. Iron Word

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11. She’s strong enough to stand on her own.

“She stands firmly on her own two feet and I just behind her, should she ever need me.”  J. Iron Word

12. Don’t be afraid to open your heart when it feels right.

“Hearts with closed doors just want to be opened and lived in… by the right soul.”  J. Iron Word

13. You are priceless.

“I wish she could see her value and worth, she is so much more than a shape in a mirror or a number on a scale; she is priceless in heart and soul.”  J. Iron Word

14. Let your soul always radiate light.

“Be the kind of soul whose light doesn’t have an off switch.”  J. Iron Word

15. She’s like a firework.

“She’s the gunpowder in a firework that lights up the sky, with a personality that holds a rainbow of colors for those brave enough to play with her fire.”  J. Iron Word

16. She may be sweet, but don’t mess with her.

“She is the sweetest badass you will ever meet.”  J. Iron Word

17. Admire your own strength.

“I have stumbled more than a time or two and I have the scars to prove it, but I also have the strength from picking myself back up again.”  J. Iron Word

18. Make your own magic.

“She didn’t wait for the magic in life to happen. She was the magician that made it happen.”  J. Iron Word

19. Love yourself.

“’I forgot to tell you that I love you,’ she said to herself and smiled.”  J. Iron Word

20. You are worth fighting for.

“She does not approve of violence, but she wants someone to show her she is worth fighting for.”  J. Iron Word

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21. Don’t fix me; just love me.

“I know I’m broken, but I don’t need to be fixed, just loved.”  J. Iron Word

22. What’s your mission?

“She’s a lady on the move, hustling and grinding with her beauty and her brain; she’s on a mission to be the best her, she can be.”  J. Iron Word

23. You are STRONG.

“She’s bad as fuck, but in all the right ways.”  J. Iron Word

24. Find that someone that makes you feel like you’re worth it.

“Be with someone who fights for you, someone who knows you are worth it, someone who knows love is worth it.”  J. Iron Word

25. You will find your way.

“Sometimes you have to walk a long way in the wrong direction, to get to where you are going.”  J. Iron Word

26. Shake it off – you’ve got big things on the horizon.

“She shook herself off and reminded herself the best was yet to come.”  J. Iron Word

27. Make your heartbeats count.

“We are all born and we all die, but it’s how we spend our heartbeats that makes the difference.”  J. Iron Word

28. Find your perfect love.

“If someone knows your imperfections and they love you wholly, they don’t think you’re perfect. Rather they know you’re not and love you perfectly anyway.”  J. Iron Word

29. You are unbreakable.

“There is a confidence in her silence, that can only be described as unbreakable and a strong in her stature that is self-made and there is nothing more powerful than an unbreakable self-made woman.”  J. Iron Word

30. Find the lesson in your worst days.

“I have learned more about myself when my shit was falling apart than when it was together.”  J. Iron Word

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31. Hey, you. You’re amazing.

“The problem is you see yourself every day, so you don’t realize just how amazing you are.”  J. Iron Word

32. Never apologize for being human.

“She apologized for her behavior and he simply replied, ‘For being human?’ as he pulled her close and squeezed her in his arms.”  J. Iron Word

33. Unconditional love with heal you.

“They say time heals all wounds, but no amount of time has the healing power of unconditional love.”  J. Iron Word

34. Change the game.

“She is a game changer, the kind of girl that redefines everything you thought you knew about amazing.”  J. Iron Word

35. You are!

“You are fucking special.”  J. Iron Word

36. Take the good with the bad.

“Sometimes a little bad is in order for the sake of balance.”  J. Iron Word

37. Never settle for second place.

“Never settle for someone’s second anything, when you are worthy of being someone’s everything.”  J. Iron Word

38. Put out the love you wish to receive.

“The only thing we ever really want is to be loved by someone, with the same ferocity in which we love.”  J. Iron Word

39. She’s a wonder.

“She’s no Barbie. She is Wonder Woman, with a sailor’s mouth.”  J. Iron Word

40. Life is full of teaching moments.

“I have learned more in the darkness of my life, than in the light of any classroom.”  J. Iron Word

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