These 25 Instagram Poems By Marisa Crane Will Set Your Soul On Fire

There can be little argument on the importance of poetry. Words have the power of toppling empires, breaking hearts, and stitching them back together again. A craft as old as time, but newly re-vamped on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, poetry can be used to express any emotion under the sun.

Feeling down? There's a poem for that. In love? There's definitely a poem for that. Poetry can help you through a break-up, finding new love, and anywhere in between. 

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Writing poetry of your own is also a very cathartic experience that can raise you up above all the hardships and trials of life. Read some of your favorite poets, pick up your pen, and let your deepest thoughts become art on the page.

Finding good poetry can be hard, especially if you don't know where to look.That's where social media comes in. Social media has allowed poets to share their work with millions of people-all in the time it takes to create a post.

Instagram is a particularly helpful platform, as it can also showcase a poet's artistry in the form of the poem's presentation.

Marisa Crane, a poet living in San Diego, opts mostly for clean text or typewriter images. The poems she writes captures the human essence in one of it's purest forms, love.

Let Marisa Crane's poetry embrace you with all the raw feeling the poems possess with 25 of our favorite selections posted on her Instagram. Crane knows how to tap into the heart and isn't afraid to show all in her simple yet elegant work, which you can also purchase at her Etsy shop.

Take what you need from her poetry — be that inspiration or the knowledge you're not alone — and share some of her best quotes it with your loved ones.

1."The wolves are howling, can't you hear them? The sun is calling for them like the moon never has before. I'm not sure I'll ever understand where our hearts are made."- Marisa Crane

The need to understand.

2. "The thing is, she's got heart, a colossal, mesmerizing one. She gives me a green flash love, the type you are rarely lucky enough to see but when you do, your entire sky is changed forever."- Marisa Crane

She's got heart.

3. "The Smiths dream into my ear on this lost and lonely morning. I sing along like it is the only prayer I know (forgive me, Mother Mary)."- Marisa Crane

Dreaming of The Smiths.

4. "If only I had known then the speed with which she could die, maybe I wouldn't have become the hemlock."- Marisa Crane

If Only I had known.

5. "Don't ever let anyone keep your heart on a shelf just to take it down whenever it is convenient for them to feel."- Marisa Crane

A gentle reminder.

6. "Blood banks are all closed; you can't use others to keep you warm."- Marisa Crane

Blood Banks.

7. "If we are simply energy, neither created or destroyed, and if a body is just a body, celestial or not, why don't you come over here and we will make collisions out of moments."- Marisa Crane

We are simply energy.

8. "Standing on the doorstep of desire, I hold this bouquet like a gun and these vows like a petition for the death penalty."- Marisa Crane

The doorstep of desire.

9. "I dressed the part and slipped into my Sunday best. I peeled open the heavy doors to every church I could find."- Marisa Crane

Sunday Best.

10. "From now on, I am choosing to notice the tender moments in my life while they are happening instead of later, when I am forced to call them gone."- Marisa Crane

Choose to cherish the little things.

11. "We're so infatuated with studying labels that we forget to read between the lines of one another."- Marisa Crane

Mental disorders and designer jeans.

12. "I'm slipping. I'm made of departed dreams and a stubborn fog that feels nothing like a veil."- Marisa Crane

A stubborn fog.

13. "Hurricanes are named after people, baby, and I hope you know that falling in love with me will be so much more treacherous than boarding up the windows and waiting for me to pass."- Marisa Crane

Hurricanes are named after people.

14. "And all the while I thought I was drowning, I was actually the one holding my head under the water."- Marisa Crane

I thought I was drowning.

15. "You can tell a lot about a person by listening to the way they talk about someone they once loved."- Marisa Crane

Past loves.

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16. "My favorite nightcap, after all this time, is still the cocktail of you."- Marisa Crane


17. "I'm just a broken person looking for other broken people who may have gotten shards of me stuck in their feet and aren't too concerned about pulling them out."- Marisa Crane

Just a broken person.

18. "I lie and tell you I had a dream about you last night, so it makes it more socially acceptable to reach out to someone I haven't spoken to in years."- Marisa Crane

Lying about dreams.

19. "I have imprinted on you and all those miles between us only keep us apart because we let them."- Marisa Crane

Imprinting on you.

20. "There is a gleam in yr eye & some coffee grounds on the kitchen counter. Suddenly the day seems not only possible, but divine."- Marisa Crane

A different look at the day.

21. "The love we shared is a paper town on a map we drew ourselves, drunk and fucked and needing to be more than we were."- Marisa Crane

Cartographer visions.

22. "Are you using your pain as an excuse or as a source of strength?"- Marisa Crane

You aren't special.

23. "The moonlight melts into lace across your thighs. Unbridled passion, an Elliott Smith vinyl, and the intimate place of you."- Marisa Crane

Melting moonlight.

24. "The listlessness of it all, the profit off depression, the extinction of an entire species, the chlorinated connections- poisoned just to appear clean."- Marisa Crane

What we sense.

25. "Loving him is like trying to hold onto an armful of balloons. Maybe I need someone to come along and pop them."- Marisa Crane

Holding onto balloons.

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