Top 6 Zodiac Signs That Hate Being Told To "Calm Down And Just Relax”

Just relax? How about, just shut your mouth!

Top 6 Zodiac Signs That Hate Being Told To "Calm Down and Just Relax”

You can have the nicest of intentions but it isn't helpful when you tell someone in the middle of an anxiety attack or feeling nervous to just relax. 

It's even worse to be told to calm down when you feel angry. In fact, being told to calm down when you're mad is like throwing fuel on top of flames. It just makes the fire worse. 

That person may appreciate your care and concern if you express it any other way. You can joke around and read them their latest horoscope or even play like Mercury retrograde is to blame during a particular astrology season. 


But saying 'just relax' isn't really helpful, and it's important that you know. 

Does anybody like being told to “just relax” when they’re nervous or angry? I mean, seriously? No. No, they don’t.

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Being told to “relax” is like being told that you’re being a big whiner baby. Which, if we’re being honest, you may be being (unless you have an actual anxiety disorder, in which case, you’re concerns are valid). However, it’s still the last thing you want to hear when you’re upset.

My theory is that it’s the “that” that tends to be in front of the “relax” that really pushes people’s buttons.

“Just relaxed”? What?! Like it’s easy?!

If you tell someone with anxiety to “relax” or, worse, to “just relax”; that is never helpful. Please try editing that type of belittling comment out of your “go to” responses to a person’s anxiety (along with “you’re overreacting” and “it’s not that big of a deal”).


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If you told a person who was angry, or a combination of angry and anxious (yes, those can go to together), to “just relax” — Then, whew! Good luck! Especially with these zodiac signs!

Some people are way more likely than others to completely lose their mind when someone tells them to relax. I mean, how dare they?!


Depending on your astrological zodiac sign, you could be way more likely than most to lose your cool when someone tells you to “relax”.

Whether it’s due to an anxiety problem, an anger problem or a fun (I use that word extremely loosely here) combination of the two; these zodiac signs are sure to make you regret telling them to “relax”.

So, be cautious of these 6 zodiac signs the next time you feel your mouth starting to say “just relax”.

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)



Being so confident in who they are mixed with an extremely short temper, make the Aries the last person you’re going to want to tell to relax. But by all means, go ahead … assuming you’re ready for the Aries extremely honest nature to tear you a new one. If the “relax” comment turns into an argument, be ready to lose as the Aries will need to come in first in any arguments.

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2. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)



The Gemini has a tendency to be nervous and inconsistent (which generally just adds to the anxiety). When you tell a Gemini to “relax”, you’re sure to just make them more anxious.

Tip: the Gemini is extremely affectionate and dislikes being alone so be sure to stay by their side and give them lots of hugs through anxious times.

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3. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)



Cancers have a tendency to be quite emotional and sensitive. This combined with the fact that they can also be quite moody at times, means that the Cancer is very likely to turn your “relax” comment around on you and manipulate you into thinking you’re the one that needs to relax.

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4. LEO (July 23 - August 22)



The Leo’s tendency towards the dramatic mixed with their healthy level of self-confidence and need to be treated like royalty mean that when they’re told to “relax”, they’ll take it very personally.

Their dominant and arrogant nature will most likely lead to them accusing you of not treating them like they feel they deserve (a “fact” that they will refuse to admit is wrong regardless of your feelings on the matter).

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5. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

The Scorpio’s tendency to be assertive, fierce and passionate often mean that when they are told to “just calm down”, you will be told to “just f*** off” (or whatever the Scorpio in your life’s equivalent fiery response is). Warning: be careful when telling the Scorpio to calm down or risk their violent nature boiling to the surface.

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6. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

One of the Capricorn’s biggest weaknesses is that they tend to be a bit of a know-it-all. This, of course, means that if the Capricorn is told to “relax” and they disagree, you’re going to hear about it.  Be weary of arguing with the Capricorn since they are extremely likely to be unforgiving and condescending.

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