6 Petty Zodiac Signs Who Act Like You Don't Exist After You Break Up

Ice cold.

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Breaking up with some zodiac signs is not that bad. They take the split like a grown up and rather than act petty, they move on with their lives and let you go.

Maybe it's just the fact that they are more easy-going than other zodiac signs or that breaks up just aren't worth getting upset over, but there will inevitably be some that make breaking up with them not a big deal.



Then, there are the zodiac signs that bring nothing but drama to the situation when you break up with them.

These are the type that cry and get their friends and family involved because they want you to know just how much you've hurt them.

And if you have hurt them, then maybe it's a little deserved.

But it can still be a headache to know that just because you said you wanted to break up doesn't always mean that's the end of that.

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And THEN, there are the zodiac signs who pretend like you don't even exist after breaking up with them.


Maybe you've dealt with these kinds of people before or maybe you are that type of person.

The one who immediately blocks their ex on social media, tells their friends and family to ignore you, and goes to great lengths to make sure you know that they're ignoring you.

These kinds of zodiacs tend to be petty in a lot more situations besides break-ups.

But just because someone's sign is pettier than others doesn't mean that they are being petty just because they can.

There is usually a reason why they can't just let someone go after a break-up.


True, you will inevitably come across a zodiac sign that is petty because they just like starting drama and want to make sure that you know it.

But then there are the individuals who act petty, so you don't know just how much you've hurt them.

They might be protecting their heart from a total heartbreak or they want to punish themselves in a way so that everyone knows that they weren't good enough for you.

Yes, that is still pretty dramatic, but sometimes that's just how someone's brain works.

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But don't get me wrong, dealing with a break-up affects everyone differently, no matter what astrology says about them.


I don't think there's anyone who enjoys a break-up more than they enjoy being in a relationship — unless they really like being the one who actually does the break-up, but that's still a little different.

Just like crying, eating junk food and spending time with friends, or blocking your ex on social media, pretending like your ex doesn't exist is just another coping method.

And even if it is a little petty, it's still a good way to get over someone fast — hey, if they don't exist then you don't have to think about them anymore, right?



And if that works for you, then keep doing you.

Keep reading for the petty zodiac signs who, after a breakup, act like you don't exist, according to astrology.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer may completely ignore you and act petty once you’ve broken up, but that’s only because she’s protecting her heart. She loves to love and isn’t afraid to open herself up to being vulnerable in the name of love, but when she’s been hurt, she tends to go on the defensive… and quick.


A Cancer with a broken heart is like a child who’s had a toy taken away from them; inconsolable, cranky, and mad. When a Cancer acts like you’ve never dated before after a break-up, chances are she’s done everything except totally zapping you out of her brain for good.

She has probably already burned all of your photos, thrown away all your gifts, and deleted you from every social media platform possible. You might be able to play with her heart, but she doesn’t play around at all.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo tries to be the best possible partner she can be, so when she’s facing a break-up, she feels like everything she’s worked so hard for is ruined. Chances are, it’s taken her a very long time to become completed comfortable around you and happy with herself in general.


Now that it’s all over, there’s also a pretty good chance that she’s beating herself up over the break-up. When Virgo starts acting petty after a break-up, it’s usually because she feels like you broke up with her because you just don’t like her as a person (or as a Virgo) and now she’s going to prove that she really is that terrible.

It’s very childish, but when Virgo is upset, you can always tell. She might be able to forgive you later on, but until she heals, she’s going to pretend like you don’t exist.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra will carry a grudge so long that it’s a wonder she isn’t so tense and distant all the time. This is true for both romantic and platonic relationships, but if you show Libra that she isn’t a part of your life anymore, she’ll show you that she can hurt you more than you can hurt her.


This is especially true when a break-up is really bad, but no matter how it went down, no one has a chip on their shoulder like Libra. Libra has no problem acting petty and pretending like you don’t exist after a break-up if she feels like it’s being done in the name of justice.

If she feels wronged or hurt — and only she can tell you which break-ups deserve this kind of punishment — then she will ice you out. And once a Libra has written you off, there is very little chance that you’ll ever get back into her good graces again.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio is all about trust and honesty in relationships. And if you even so much as think about lying to her or betraying her trust, she will not only pretend like you don’t exist, but she will make sure that everyone else acts like you don’t exist either.


No one is quite sure what kind of dark magic Scorpio deals in, but the people in her inner circle are probably the most trustworthy people alive, so when she says she needs them to back her up, they’ll do just that. Expect to disappear from her life forever with a snap of her fingers and all of her friends blocking you on social media and IRL.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius wants to live her best life, which means enjoying what she has now instead of holding onto the past. But while she can be super fun and relaxed when she’s happy, she can also be a huge pill when she’s heartbroken or upset.


Because she goes with the flow and takes her emotions as they come, she can have a very child-like reaction to break-ups. Sagittarius also tends to say whatever she wants without thinking about it first.

So, expect her to act very petty when you break up because she’s going to want to say some things to you and she’s not going to care how it sounds in the moment. And once she says her peace, she’s going to pretend like you don’t exist because she “isn’t bothered with the past” — even though she’s proving exactly that.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn is a special kind of evil when it comes to dealing with break-ups. As with everything in her life, she intends to come out on top, so a break-up is just another way for her to convince herself that she was always better than you – which is why it never worked out between you two.


This in itself can be manipulative and evil, but it gets worse. Capricorn can be very petty after a break-up, that’s a given. But what makes her different from all the other petty signs is that she won’t just ignore you and pretend like you never existed in her world; she’ll acknowledge that you’re a person, but how strange… she doesn’t ever recall meeting you in her life.

Sorry, you must be mistaking her for someone else because she doesn’t know you.*Puts on sunglasses and walks away*.

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