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The Pictures That Have Fans Thinking Khloé Kardashian Is Finally Engaged To Tristan Thompson

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Khloe Kardashian

Will Khloé Kardashian be walking down the aisle soon?

That’s what fans think after the reality star was spotted rocking a huge sparkler on her ring finger while out and about in Natick, Massachusetts with her 2-year-old daughter, True, who she shares with on-and-off partner Tristan Thompson.

If you’re wondering what Khloé and True are doing in a small town just outside of the Boston area, it’s because Thompson just signed a contract with the Boston Celtics, which is reportedly worth $19 million.

Khloé and Tristan’s roller coaster relationship has been the subject of gossip for years — from when they first started dating, to his affair with Kylie Jenner’s ex-BFF Jordyn Woods, to their on-and-off reconciliations (which seemingly happen every few months), it’s safe to say that their relationship has truly been through the ringer.

However, given the sighting of Kardshian with a ring on THAT finger, fans everywhere are wondering: 

Is Khloé Kardashian engaged to Tristan Thompson?

Let’s take a look at the pics that sparked the rumors, along with what fans are saying about the Good American founder and her relationship with her on-and-off partner, Tristan Thompson.

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Khloé Kardashian showed off a massive ring on Dec. 23.

Seriously, that thing probably has its own zip code. 

Fans had a lot to say about Kardashian’s ring, and some of their comments were a little harsh, to put it lightly.

“The bigger the ring the bigger the cheater. She has zero self worth,” one social media user commented, while another said, “I’m all for a nice big diamond but that’s just ridiculous.”

One Twitter user stated the obvious about Khloé’s massive ring, writing, “No need to zoom in on that bling. We can see it in the regular picture just fine.”

You got that right!

However, not all social media users were against the possibility that Khloé’s engaged.

In fact, a lot of social media users expressed their well-wishes for the couple, with one fan writing, “Congratulations!” while another wrote, “You’re engaged! OMG YES!”

Another fan called out Khloé’s haters on Twitter, writing, “Almost everyone on here is negative!!! Be. Mindful of the words you speak and for the record why don’t y’all just ask. Better to assume but as we can see it brings the ugly out of most! I’ll pray for y’all!!!!!"

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Some fans are convinced that Kardashian’s ring is fake.

“Nah, it's more like a toy ring from those bubblegum machines. Nothing to see here,” one Twitter user suggested, while another social media user said, “My 4 yr old niece has a play ring that size lol.”

Given the fact that Khloé was walking around with True while she was spotted wearing the ring, the theory that her “engagement ring” is just a toy could explain Khloé’s new bling. 

This isn’t the first time the couple’s been hit with engagement rumors this year.

In June, Thompson and Kardashian were hit with engagement rumors after Khloé was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on her finger.

However, a source confirmed that despite the rumors, the pair weren’t engaged at the time.

Neither Khloé nor Tristan have commented about the engagement rumors.

Both parties have stayed mum since the rumors broke, but if Khloé does happen to be engaged, then it’s a decision that fans and enemies alike will just have to accept. 

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