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50 Best Snapchat Celebrity Accounts To Follow In 2018

best snapchar celebrities to follow in 2018

Social Media has become a huge part of our daily lives now. You wake up every morning and one of the first things you probably do is check your phone to see if anything is new on one of your favorite social media apps.

Odds are one of your favorite apps would turn out to be Snapchat. So why not follow some of the best Snapchat celebrity accounts during 2018 for the latest inspiration, comedy and up-to-date trends?

Snapchat has stayed popular years and it is easy to see why. There's something so addicting about actually peeking into people's daily lives for some brief moments. Seeing exactly what the other person is seeing in real time. Not the best video quality but with Snapchat content is key.

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The more fascinating lives are the ones of people we may not even really know. People that entertain us or inspire us. People, we want to look up to or just watch for a much-needed laugh.

Fitness gurus are so addicting to follow on Snapchat. If you are on a fitness journey then having a kind of personal trainer really helps. Plus they can motivate you every day. 

Comedians are always entertaining to watch. If you are having a hard day or need a giggle then they are perfect. Or maybe you are into current events and activists are the ones you want to watch. Snapchat is perfect for that as well. 

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Lastly, there are celebrities. Now, this is addicting because you can watch your favorite stars live their daily lives. Sneak peeks on set, them hanging with friends, and traveling to amazing destinations. 

So if you are looking for some new Snap channels to watch then look no further. We've got 50 of the best snapchatters in the game. 


1. Cassey Ho

Username: blogilates

Lots of healthy meals to get your tummy rumbling but without all the calories! Plus she created Pop Pilates so there are a lot of fun posts on that! 

2. Neghar Fonooni

Username: negharfonooni

This gal means business she is INTENSE with her workouts. All of her gains will motivate you to push harder. 

3. John Romaniello

Username: johnromaniello

He works hard and has fun, what could be more motivating than that? Seeing him have a great time while staying fit is a great start to you getting healthy. 

4. Mike Vacanti

Username: mikevacanti

​A fun easygoing guy that can turn on intensity for his workouts. Plus he loves ice cream so he proves you can have your cake and eat it too. 

5. Christmas Abbott

Username: christmasabbott

​She has the Badass Body Lifestyle that is a program with daily motivation. She shows that improving on your life is always possible.

6. The Base Body Babes

Username: basebodybabes

​These native Australian sisters work great together. They are so fun to watch with their workouts and know how to keep it fun. 

7. Cat Meffan

Username: Cat Meffan

​Cat is her name, Yoga is her game. This girl rocks and will get you to be your most flexible self in no time. 

8. Lolo Jones

Username: lolojones

​She has been to the Olympics for bobsledding and hurtles. The OLYMPICS guys so that's an immediate follow. 

9. Steve Weatherford

Username: weatherford5

​This guy knows what he is talking about and he will get you motivated. Plus he's won the Superbowl so he is kind of a big deal. 

10. Lyzabeth Lopez

Username: lyzabethlopez

Workout guru, nutritionist and lots of envious travel destinations. Plus a lot of yummy and healthy foods.

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11. Anna Victoria

Username: annavictoriafit

She loves to travel and talk about her fitness while around the world. Plus she is a bride to be getting ready for her wedding. Now all women will find that entertaining.

12. Joe Holder

Username: jholder88

​He's involved in training some of the biggest names in Street-ware. And his health philosophy is very positive and inspiring.  

13. Ally Love

Username: allylovelove

​She's a woman of all trades being involved with fitness, hosting, and modeling. Plus her bubbly personality makes her refreshing to watch. 


14. Gil Ozeri

Username: gilozerisnap

​This guy is hilarious and if you love Happy Endings OR Brooklyn Nine-Nine then you will love him. Because he helped write them. 

15. Chris D'Elia

Username: chrisdelia

​His standup is always hilarious and there is no lack of laughs in his Snaps. Plus get your fix on funny and entertaining voices almost daily. 

16. Kevin Hart

Username: kevinhart4real

Okay who doesn't want to follow Kevin Hart. He will crack you up every single day. Every single one!  

17. Danny Berk

Username: dannyberk

​Semi professional surfer? Uhm yes. Hilarious on Snapchat? Double yes. 

18. Aly Trachtman

Username: alytrachtmen

​She's an actress and writer with different blogs and sketches. She loves to entertain and she does not disappoint.

 19. Chelsea Peretti

Username: ChelseaPeretti

She will make you fall over laughing, guaranteed. She is absolutely great as Gina on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and being herself is even funnier. 

20. Amy Schumer

Username: heatherssnappin

​Amy Schumer has been a driving force in women's comedy for years. Some people say she has lost her spark but once you see her Snaps you will disagree. 

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21. Hannah Hart

Username: hartoooo

She has a personality that is unlike any other. She is in your face funny with no apologies. 

22. James Davis

Username: theejamesdavis

He is so great on Snapchat he got his own series with them. Snapchat has series? I'm into it! 

23. Ethan Dolan

Username: EthanDolan

He makes videos with his twin brother for double the laughs. Plus they have got great bits together to make you crack up. 

24. Chris Williams

Username: ComedianChris

​You probably recognize him from a number of shows. But this guy is hilarious with a capital H. 

25. Brittany Furlan

Username: brittanyjfurlan

If you loved her Vines (RIP) then you will definitely lover her Snapchats. She knows how to get a laugh from everyone. 

26. Chelsea Handler

Username: chelseahandler

Hilarious, snarky, sarcastic. What could be better than that? Her snapchat is definitely worth a follow. 


27. Liz Plank

Username: lizplank

​She is a Canadian video blogger and online journalist who gets the news out there. She is involved with many different causes and politics. 

28. Oz Kuterji

Username: ozkaterji

​This guy does not hold back and he always puts out breaking news. If you want a fast look into current events this is your guy. 

29. Jacob Soboroff

Username: jacobsoboroff

​He is a correspondont for NBC news and MSNBC. If you are interested in the latest politics he is perfect to follow. 

30. Al Jazeera English

Username: ajenews

​This channel's whole purpose is to connect journalists with their audiences better. They try to really get the viewers up in the action. 

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31. The New Yorker

Username: newyorkermag

​They put up some great content and really help to inspire people. One hundred percent worth a follow. 

32. Now This

Username: nowthisnews

​They have some of the latest video news, investigative reports and interviews out daily. Plus they have their own original series. 

33. Ashley Codianni

Username: AshleyCNN

​She works closely with CNN and their editorial strategy. She is for sure someone to follow if you want to be involved with big news stories and causes. 

34. Jabin Botsford

Username: jabinbotsford

​He is a photographer for The Washington Post. His Snaps are always interesting and he gets involved with a lot that is going on around the country. 

35. John Stanmeyer

Username: stanmeyer

​He is a phtotojournalist for National Geographic Magazine and other major publications. So yeah this guy is actually awesome. 


36. Laverne Cox


​She is an inspiration and speaks her mind no matter what. She is someone you will want to watch on Snapchat every day. 

37. Miley Cyrus

Username: mileycyrus

​She is spunky and wild and never afraid to be herself. But she is also someone you will never be anything less than entertained by. 

38. Chrissy Teigan

Username: chrissyteigan

​SO funny. Plus she shows many snaps of yummy food recipes and of her yummy husband as well. 

39. Ed Sheeran

Username: teddysdaytoday

​He is a fun one to follow on Snapchat. Maybe he will sing and you will finally feel serenaded to by the voice of an angel??

40. Joe Jonas

Username: joseadam

​One of the four Jonas brothers (yes there is four) and he loves to have a good time on Snapchat. Deff check him out. 

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41. Lady Gaga

Username: ladygaga

​Her fans are die-hards and you can see why when you watch her snaps. She is electrifying and really does love her art. 

42. Niall Horan

Username: niallhoran 

He has gone solo recently and we are LOVING it. Fun to watch and loves to show off his music skills. 

43. Snoop Dogg

Username: snoopdog213

​What a legend. He is hilaious and has a personality that is all his own. This guy is seriously the bomb. 

44. Zendaya

Username: zendaya_96

She is fierce and funny all wrapped in one. You will not regret following her at all.

45. Zac Efron

Username: zacefron87

​This Baywatch babe does not turn down the heat with his snaps. He does fun activities in cool places, what's more interesting to watch? 

46. Meghan Trainor

Username: mtrainor2

​She is bubbly and fun and will take you behind the scenes on her newest music ventures. Plus shes engaged to a Spy Kid. So yeah that's awesome. 

47. Demi Lovato

Username: TheDDLovato

​She is rocking all the time and does not hold back with her Snaps. She knows how to have a good time and motivate daily. 

48. Avicii

Username: timbling

​His travels and adventures are alone enough to give him a follow. Not to mention he is an awesome musician. 

49. Ellen Degeneres

Username: Ellen

Everyone loves Ellen. I mean what's not to love? Just go follow her Snapchat now and thank me later.

50. Chris Pratt

Username: ChrisPrattSnap

​He is hilarious and loves to be entertaining 24/7. Plus you get some pretty amazing behind the scenes sneak peeks.

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