Take Control Of Your Kitchen And Nutrition For Your Family!

Cooking for Life!


As a nutrition educator, natural foods cook/cooking instructor, and personal chef during the last 25 plus years, I firmly believe that food can taste good and also be good for you. Thus, my motto is The Good Taste of Health.

After reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, I realize that we need to take the kitchen back from Betty Crocker and return to our grandmother’s kitchen, to cook and enjoy whole foods from our cultural heritages in a convivial environment. To do that, my idea is to help your with my MARK PLAN. My plan can help change you improve your health:


M is for Menu Planning: You will learn how to create menus with basic, wholesome ingredients, using natural flavors such as fresh herbs. The menus will reflect your likes (and avoid) dislikes and also ethnic dishes, if you so choose.

A is for Awareness Shopping: We will take virtual shopping tours together, to both a health food store and a supermarket to pick out foods that reflect The Good Taste of Health. It will include reading labels, choosing healthy snacks, learning about new fruits and vegetables, etc.

R is for Recipe Mending: We will take your family’s favorite recipes and upgrade them with natural counterparts, substituting with foods from the shopping tour(s) and involving you in the process.


K is for Kitchen Kapers: Here we will put M, A, & R with K and create wonderful dishes that everyone enjoys because everyone takes part in the choosing, creation, and preparation. Kids especially can gain wonderful life skills in the kitchen. This is where the fun really reaches warp speed!

Finally, the experience will be geared toward enjoyment and creativity at every level, imbuing you with confidence so you (and your family) can take charge of the kitchen and enjoy yourself in the process of shopping, preparing, cooking, and eating healthy and tasty dishes.

Also, I can designPersonal Eating Plan a P.E.P. for you that addresses likes/dislikes, allergies, cultural heritage, and any issue that needs to be addressed.

P.S. Check out my Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes section on my website, Menu Pause.