8 New Details About Alexandria Duval's Murder Trial — The Yogi Accused Murdering Her Identical Twin Sister

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8 Things To Know About The Yoga Twins Murder Trial
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She drove them both off a cliff.

The murder trial began Monday for a woman who drove her car off a cliff in Hawaii and killed her identical twin sister.

Alexandria Duval is being tried for the death of her sister, Anastasia Duval, in a dramatic crash that was originally described as a “hair-pulling fight for the steering wheel,” according to Maui News.

The car plunged off a 200-foot drop, killing Anastasia, who was 38 at the time, and putting Alexandria in critical condition. The 2016 car crash was considered a deliberate act to kill Anastasia and Alexandria was jailed.

She was tried for second-degree murder in June of that year but the case was dismissed by a Wailuku District judge.

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Now, she is being tried again as new evidence will prove Alexandria drove off the cliff intentionally, according to Deputy Prosecutor Emlyn Higa.

Here is everything you need to know about the murder trial of Alexandria Duval (and the crash).             

1. The sisters were on a downward spiral after their yoga studio failed.

The twins opened Twin Power Yoga, a popular studio in Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach in Florida.

They changed their names from Alison and Ann after a scandal broke out involving the Florida studios and moved to Utah where they filed for bankruptcy.

“They were wolves in sheep clothing. They used yoga as a mask,” a former employee from the studio, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Palm Beach Post. “They wanted nothing more than to be rich and famous. They were very authoritative and not empowering.”

2. They were loving toward each other at first but had begun fighting constantly before the crash.

Witnesses said they saw the twins arguing and fighting before veering off the cliff.

"I could see a pair of arms from elbows to hands yanking the head of the driver. The driver's head was being pulled to the side," said witness Lawrence Lau.

3. They struggled with alcoholism.

They had been drinking the day of the crash, and they had been involved in some alcohol-related run-ins with the law before, according to CBS News.

“When they drink, their personalities change,” Anastasia’s boyfriend, Federico Bailey, said.

Anastasia’s former boyfriend (back when she was Ann) said the two were like “children throwing a tantrum” when they drank, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“They were great people when they were sober, but the minute they (started) drinking they were like Jekyll and Hyde,” Weiss said.

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4. The twins’ SUV plunged 200 feet off a cliff in Hawaii.

The Ford Explorer, which was being driven by Alexandria, was seen crashing into a rock wall before accelerating off a cliff onto a rocky shoreline below, a report by Maui News said.

Witnesses said the pair were arguing and pulling each other’s hair before the accident.

5. She was tried in 2016 but the case was dismissed.

Alexandria was originally tried for second-degree murder in 2016. The case against her was dismissed and she was released from prison after a judge ruled there was no probable cause for a murder charge, according to CBS News.

6. New evidence may prove she drove off the cliff deliberately.

A grand jury indicted Alexandria in New York and she is being tried again over new evidence, according to Hawaii News Now.

"The evidence will show that just before the SUV went off the cliff that there was no braking, that there was hard acceleration, and that there was a hard left turn," said Higa.

7. Anastasia’s lawyer argued that it was a tragic accident.

"The tire marks show the car not taking a sudden left turn, but just running off the road," said defense attorney Birney Bervar. "(There's) certainly a reasonable doubt that there was any criminal behavior whatsoever and my client is not guilty."

8. There is no jury in the case.

Alexandria has decided to have a judge sentence her rather than have a jury decide the verdict.

A judge is expected to decide her fate this week.

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