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Your Greatest FOMO, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Everyone has #FOMO, but what exactly we get nervous about missing out on in life can depend a lot on our zodiac sign, horoscope and various personality traits.

Also known as the “fear of missing out,” FOMO is when you get anxious, stressed out, sad, or just angry that something bigger and better is happening where you are not. A lot of people get FOMO when they’re sitting at home while all of their friends or family are off somewhere else.

Even if nothing crazy exciting or wild is happening, you can still have FOMO because you’re not actually there to experience it, excitement or not.

And if you ask me – and probably everyone else who experiences it – FOMO is ten times worse when you see the event being broadcast all over social media.

I once had to unfriend my BFF from Snapchat because my FOMO was so bad that I wasn’t at her Halloween party and she kept adding pictures and videos to her Snapchat story.

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Trust me, FOMO is very real and it can make you do crazy things... like pretend your BFF doesn’t exist for a night because she’s having more fun than you. We don’t even live in the same city and I got FOMO because her plans her better than mine that night.

But even if you call what I did to relieve my FOMO crazy, you can’t deny that you’ve felt the exact same way I have at least once in your life.

And while you might not have done the same thing I did, FOMO (and anxiety) can still make you act a little unusual.

The worst kind of FOMO is not when you’re too busy to go out with your friends or even too sick to do something fun; it’s when you decide to stay home alone until you realize that you made a mistake and it’s too late to get on your party clothes and meet your friends.

That kind of FOMO sucks the most because you really only have yourself to blame for not accepting an invite to go out.

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Of course, FOMO itself is just a way to make yourself feel bad for nothing – that’s not the one and only time your friends are going to throw a party and maybe you really did want to stay in and try that new face mask out.

It hurts in the moment, but it also just means you now have an excuse to go out and get crazy with your inner circle again soon.

But based on astrology, we all suffer from FOMO for different reasons – not all of which are because we decided to stay home for a little self-care instead of getting drunk.

But no matter how or why astrology tells you that you have FOMO, it always sucks to have to deal with it because, to you, whatever you’re missing matters.

Keep reading for your greatest FOMO, based on your zodiac sign and horoscope.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Your greatest FOMO, Aries, comes from living in one place your whole life. It doesn't seem so bad, right? Wrong! When you live in the same place your whole life, you never get to experience everything that life has to offer. Maybe you want to live by the beach, maybe you want to see what countries on the other side of the globe has to offer. Who knows?

When you live in one place your entire life, you start to wonder what you could possibly be missing in places you've only ever read about. You're all about adventure and travel, so you never want to feel tied down to one place. You need that curiosity of yours to send you all over the world instead of to the Internet to read about the world.

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, you get FOMO when you miss out on new and interesting things. Maybe you've always wanted to try a leatherworking class or your friends are planning a cruise next summer. Right now, you might think, "Nah, I don't really care about going," but when you keep thinking about it, you start feeling like if you don't go, you'll miss something amazing.

You sometimes suffer from couch potato-itis, but you also know that if you never get out of your comfort zone, then you'll always be wondering what your life could be like. And you already know how much it sucks to see your friends having the time of their lives on Instagram that one time you decided to stay home, so if it seems like a fun time, you always go.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

You know how much fun you have when you're with your friends or just out in general, Gemini, so it makes sense that your FOMO would stem in times when you don't get out of your apartment or house. There are times when you're just too darn tired to get dressed and go out, but the other times when you debate between going out and watching Netflix, you always go out.

You fear that if you never get out of the house, you'll be enjoying the best parties and adventures from your friends' Facebook live feeds. And you never, ever want to have to play catch up every time you hang out with friends because you missed the best party of the year. And if your night ends up being a bust, you can still say that you went out instead of taking it easy at home.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

You might not be a big party person, Cancer, but you never turn down an invitation to meet your friends for drinks or a quick lunch. In other words, you go out even when you're tired after work because you have FOMO of not getting a chance to meet new people. Sure, it's always fun to hang out and catch up with your friends, but you have an ulterior motive.

You like meeting new people because you like looking for more friends to hang out with, but you also like looking for love. And if you decide not to go out one night, that could be the night you finally meet The One. So, naturally, you have to take that risk and meet your friends for happy hour. It might not happen for you that night, but never say never!

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, your biggest FOMO comes when you don't hang out with your friends. It's not like your friends are always doing crazy things that you're going to miss out on, but you always feel more revived and recharged when you're with your girls. Plus, if they're the ones extending the invitation, you always say yes because you fear a boring night in otherwise.

To you, friends are everything. Hey, if you can't have a good inner circle in your life, you're really missing out! So, you'd rather just hang out with your BFF at home, even if it just means take out food and bad movies, than alone because you'll at least get some good company out of the deal. And that's so much better than being cooped up alone.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

To you, Virgo, life is all about enjoying the little things, whether that means the time you spend with the people you love or just admiring your neighborhood during a walk. Your FOMO usually comes from not enjoying these little things. You've never wanted to be the type of person who rushes through life without slowing down and smelling the roses, as it were.

Of course, life doesn't always work that way and you sometimes have to carve out time to enjoy your favorite things. This is something you always do, usually by treating yourself to coffee in the morning or by turning your electronics off at night and reading. But when you decide to shrug off these little things, you fear that you're losing a big part of yourself.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, you need a solid work-life balance in life, otherwise you feel like you're totally off-kilter. That means being a total boss bitch at work, as well as treating yourself like a princess in your free time. When you have FOMO, it's usually because you're missing that vital balance in your life that keeps you on top of your game.

When you work too hard and don't give yourself the time to relax, you feel totally tense. And when you treat yourself too much and forget about your priorities, you feel lazy and unmotivated. Either way, your mind races about all the things you could (and should) be doing that you’re not. So, you need that balance to keep yourself from missing out on important things.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio, you're all about having fun in life and doing things you're passionate about. What you love most about yourself is that you're always up for anything, whether that's a night in with your family or dinner and dancing with your friends. And above all else, you love that you can do whatever you want without feeling guilty about catering to your needs.

Your FOMO comes from not doing what you want. When it feels like other people are dictating your life, you feel lost and controlled, two things you hate feeling. You worry that if someone can push you around that easily, then you're probably better off letting others run your life. This is just the FOMO talking. You just need to get back in the driver's seat and be your own person.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Your greatest FOMO comes from missing a great party, Sagittarius. Of course, you know that the party doesn’t start until you get there, but the nights when you aren't sure if getting dressed up and going out are worth your time are the times you regret not getting out of your apartment. Parties always come with crazy stories and you'd hate if those stories didn't include you.

When you fear missing one good party, you fear that all the other ones you go to afterwards will suck. This isn't true, but obviously FOMO can make us think crazy things. You can't be expected to show up at every function, but you definitely try. For you, parties are a way to unwind and do something crazy, so you never like missing one, just in case it's the best party ever.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, your life revolves around success. You always feel like you've achieved something amazing when you put your mind to your work and show your boss just how important your job is to you. When you have FOMO, it's often because you fear not taking risks in your life. Usually this applies to business, but you’re not afraid of taking risks elsewhere, too.

For you, risks are what make life exciting. And if you never take any risks (or one risk in particular that you’ve been considering), you mind starts racing and telling you that you'll always be stuck in the same job forever. This fear alone pushes you to continue to take risks and put yourself out there in hopes that you can keep achieving your goals.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Unlike some signs, Aquarius, you do enjoy being alone. You don't get FOMO from being alone (usually), but you do get FOMO when you're alone and boredom strikes. When you're bored, you tend to kick yourself from not having made plans with your family or friends. Or worse yet, when your plans get canceled, you get FOMO from not just doing something on your own.

You like your alone time, but you also love spending time with friends. But if you don't have a balance between friends and being alone, it can make you feel off your game. When you choose to stay home instead of going out, you're afraid something good is going to happen and you won't be there to see it. You hate having regrets in life, so don't be your own biggest FOMO.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces, your FOMO is something that everyone can relate to, but you can sometimes make it a little morbid if you think about it for too long. Your biggest FOMO is not spending enough time with your family and friends. You always think that you'll have time to hang out with them and make memories, but then you worry that there won't always be time for that.

See? Morbid, but you do have a point. There will be times when you're obviously too busy, but you stomp that FOMO from coming back by staying in touch over text and social media. You know that life is short and if you can spend as much time as you can with the people you love, that'll be much more memorable than spending your time at the office or alone.

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