Awful New Details About The 'Dr. Phil' Guests Who Claim The Show's Staff Gave Them Drugs And Alcohol When They Were Seeking Rehab

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The guests were on the show to talk about their addictions.

The staff of Dr. Phil — including its host, Phil McGraw — have been accused of giving drugs and alcohol to guests on their show who were battling addiction. 

In a report by STAT and the Boston Globe, several of the show's former guests came forward and accused McGraw and his employees of not only encouraging their additions but even helping them get drugs. 

Todd Herzog appeared on Dr. Phil in 2013. Though he was battling alcoholism and was there to talk about his addiction, Herzog told reporters that he was not intoxicated when he arrived on set. 

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When the 2007 Survivor winner got to his dressing room, found a bottle of vodka. He drank it all and said he was then offered a Xanax by a show staff member to "calm his nerves."

"I had been drinking and took a Xanax, which I've never taken Xanax before in my life, and I know that can be a deadly combination so why it was given to me, I don't know," Herzog said.

Martin Greenberg, a psychologist who is the director of professional affairs for the show denied Herzog's claim and called them "absolutely, unequivocally true." However, Herzog isn't the only one making claims. 

Joelle King-Parrish's 28-year-old daughter Kaitlin was on the show in 2016. She claims a staffer helped Kaitlin, who was pregnant at the time of the taping, get heroin before the show. 

When King-Parrish and her daughter got to Los Angeles, Kaitlin was going through withdrawal. King-Parrish said she asked a show staff member for help and was told to talk her to the hospital. 

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Kaitlin refused to stay at the hospital, and King-Parrish asked a show producer for help. She claims the producer joined them and they headed in a cab together to Skid Row, where Kaitlin bought heroin. 

King-Parrish was later scolded by McGraw on the show for taking her daughter to buy drugs. 

"There was a lot of manipulation telling us what to say, telling us how to act, telling us what to do," King-Parrish explained. "I was told do not question anything he is saying or he could not give her the help she needed."

Another guest also claimed that a show producer told her to go to Skid Row and buy heroin. Both of those women were sent to a treatment facility after the show, but are still addicted to opioids. 

"It was a complete bust," one of the guests' aunt, Marianne Smith, said. "Didn't help at all. Just ratings for him. People are going to him, like us, with serious, life-threatening problems looking for help. It just doesn't happen."

McGraw declined to comment to STAT and the Boston Globe and has not yet released a statement. 

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