The 10 Must-Read, Most Popular Fiction Books Of 2017

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10 Top-Selling, Best Fiction Books Of 2017
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Bookworms rejoice!

With the weather being so chilly and less than cheery, it's nice to snuggle up with a good book. You can warm yourself up, sip on your favorite hot drink, and get sucked into another world.

But how do you know which books are worth your time? Nothing's worse than sitting down to read a book that just doesn't grab your attention. 

Reading a book can take you on so many adventures while in the comfort of your home. For me, finding a great book has been a real task. There were so many times where I found something that I thought I like only to have the plot go flat, too many cliches, or an uninteresting main character that ruins the story. 

Sometimes the book was so boring I'd put it down before I'd finished reading. It's hard to find a good book, and even harder to get a good recommendation. That's why we have a list of popular titles for this year so you can finish off this year with a literary bang! We took our sweet time selecting the best books of 2017. 

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So you can relax and wind down by reading the best fiction books of 2017. Thanks to Barnes & Noble, we have the top-selling fiction books of the year, from poetry-like prose to haunting tales. Stories that will encourage you to follow your dreams, as well as mysterious thrillers that will keep you guessing. 

Here you'll find all of the titles that have caught our eyes. If you're looking for a good fiction book look no further we've got you covered.

1. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Milk and Honey is a collection of poems about femineity, abuse, loss, and love. All of the poems are so moving and raw that there is an identifiable poem for everyone. Each page is filled with honesty and beauty about survival and healing past wounds and heartaches.

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2. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Everything is going crazy in America, where a religious group of people took down the government and created a new society called Gilead. The heroine Offred tries to escape to Canada with her family but is captured and forced to live as a dehumanized handmaid. In this messed up book all of the women are stripped of their rights. Other women like Offred are regularly captured, brainwashed and turned in to Handmaids who do nothing but bare their owner's children. This is a scary, dystopian look at where a world that hates women could lead us. It's also been turned into a short TV series on Hulu, so once you've read the book you can binge watch it back!

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3. The Woman In Cabin 10

Lo Blacklock is a journalist for a travel magazine that lands an assignment where she'll spend a week on a relaxing cruise. Everything is going well for her — until it doesn't. Lo witnesses a woman being thrown overboard, but all the passengers are still there. Lo tries to tell the others that something is wrong, but all the passengers are accounted for. What happened to the woman in cabin 10?  This creepy thriller will leave you feeling as if you've been gaslighted, and it has an unpredictable ending.  

4. 1984 by George Orwell

Winston Smith is a member of a totalitarian regime known as "The Party." The leader of this party goes by "Big Brother" and this group controls everything. The past is rewritten to strengthen their control and the truth is whatever Big Brother says it is. The book is horrifying in its dystopian future where individualism and hope are lost. Winton tries to rebel against this regime with unexpected consequences.

5. Origin by Dan Brown

Havard professor Robert Langdon attends a major event for one of his students, Kirsch. Kirsch is on to a discovery that is so big that it will rock the world. The discovery will answer humanities existence.The book is a mystery-packed page-turner that will keep you engaged. They'll discover the truth of our existence at all cost. A fun little tidbit is that you can learn trivia about real organizations and Italian words.

6. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Ove is a crabby older man who has strict routines and is quick to anger. His earned the nickname The Bitter Neighbor from Hell. A talkative young couple moves in with their two bright little girls and Ove's world changes as an unexpected friendship forms. A Man Called Ove is a touching and hilarious tale of Ove's crazy antics, strange ways, and struggle with pain and loss.

7. Camino Island by John Grisham

A priceless manuscript by F. Scott Fitzgerald was stolen by a group of thieves from a Princeton library, and the hunt is on to find them. Mercer Mann is a recently unemployed writer, with a major case of writer's block. Completely broke, a mysterious woman approaches her to get involved with an investigation. Mercer agrees to go undercover to get the scoop on Bruce Cable, a bookstore dealer that dabbles on the black market. What Mercer does realize is that someone else may be trying to weasel their way in at Cable's backdoor operations!

8. The Alchemist 25th Anniversary Edition by Paulo Cohelo

International best-selling author Paulo Coelho weaves a tale about a young shepherd boy named Santiago who goes on an adventure to fulfill his personal legend and find a hidden treasure. This book inspires us all to pursue our dreams no matter what gets in our way and encourages us to find our own path in life, with a reminder that following your heart will always lead you down the right path.

9. It, A Novel by Stephen King

The year is 1957 and the children in Derry are being killed — and the adults don't seem to care. A child, Georgie, watches his paper boat go down a sewage hole where an ancient evil clown awaits. The Loser's club, a group of misfit children that find out they've all been seeing the same nightmarish clown, go on a mission to find out what's happening. It's up to them to band together to fight "It."

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10. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Scout is a young girl who was raised on hatred and segregation. The book is a criticism of the south during the depression where corrupted people ran the whole community with racism and ignorance. The novel takes an in-depth look at civil rights and one girl who learns valuable lessons by being exposed to people who are different from her. Her attorney father Atticus Finch struggles to prove the innocence of a black man, wrongfully accused of rape. 

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