This Super-Addicting App Turns Your Photos Into INSANE Works Of Art

prisma selfie app art

Not everyone loves taking selfies, but no one can deny its influence in modern culture. The number of selfies has sky-rocketed over the years; the average millennial alone is expected to take somewhere around 27,500 selfies. Yes, that number is pictures... of themselves.

Women aged 16 to 25 apparently spend somewhere around five hours a WEEK mugging for the camera, and the world over, the selfie phenomenon is alive and well. As of February of this year, nearly 93 million selfies are taken each and every day across the Earth.

That’s an insane amount of pictures... and it’s probably about to double, thanks to a new app that lets you take those selfies and turn them into actual works of art. Introducing Prisma, the app that will let you turn any ordinary picture into inspired works of art.

The idea behind Prisma is simply that it allows you to apply an astounding number of filters to your pictures and make them intensely beautiful. The filters are more detailed than your ordinary Instagram filters, which, to be honest, now look kind of lame by comparison.

Ever wanted to be a comic book superhero? Now you can. Mermaid-like filter? Stained glass? You bet. Want to look like you just stepped into Edvard Munch's The ScreamMasterpiece by Roy Lichtenstein, or Van Gogh's Starry Night? Yep, yep, and yep, thanks to the Prisma app. 

According to The Next Web, Prisma filters actually do look better than Instagram filters because the app itself is more intelligent. It doesn’t just add a single flat filter over your picture.

“By using a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, the end results are a real sight to behold.” It scans the image and uses the details in the photo in conjuncture with the app filter to make them truly awe-inspiring.

Prisma lets you play with a number of different art styles, allowing you to make one image into dozens.

It’s easy to use, free to download, and one of the most interesting apps out there right now, right behind Pokémon GO. And to be honest, I'm betting it won't take long for Pokémon GO players to start using Prisma on images of their captured poké creatures. 

Unfortunately, for the time being, it’s only available for iOS users, but Prisma’s makers have confirmed that it will be available for Android later on this month.

Prisma Video, a filter for your digital films and your virtual reality devices, has also been confirmed as “in the works” and will be available soon for anyone who’s ever wanted to turn their vacation videos or their virtual reality experiences into a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-style trip. (Johnny Depp and Benecio Del Toro not included, of course.)

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