Strike A Pose! What Your Best Selfie Side Reveals About You

Your hundreds of insta-selfies just got a WHOLE lot more interesting.

What Your Best Selfie Side Reveals About You WeHeartIt

We all know your Instagram and Facebook are so full of selfies that you're Kylie Jenner, the selfie queen's, toughest competitor. You take them on a daily basis, probably more than you drink a glass of water.

But did you ever think that  just as the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words"  many of your selfies include some details of your personality?

Look back on some of your most recent selfies. Then, check out the poses in the diagram below to see what pose you normally strike during your daily selfie sesh say about you:


Photo: She Finds

A. You're adventurous and open-minded.

If you normally turn your head to the right, you aren't afraid to take risks. You're always raring to try something new. Whether you're tasting some foreign delicacy or bungee jumping off of Mount Kilimanjaro, you're up for the challenge.

You're just itching to escape the four walls of your home and explore the wonderful world around you. But sometimes, that unquenchable wanderlust is just TOO difficult to control.

B. You're secure and independent.

If you look directly at the camera, you're self-aware. You're full of determination, and possess great self-discipline toward completing important tasks on your own. In face, you prefer this.


But it's nice to have some company around for support. You're confident in everything in your life, especially when it comes to aspects that you love  like work, friends and family. When life brings trying obstacles, you're always prepared to talk your way out of the dilemma.

C. You're cheerful and adaptable.

If you usually turn your head to the left, you're the definition of relaxation and smooth sailing. Every day for you is just a walk in the park.

Nothing really upsets you, and you're an easy-going person whose mantra is, "Today is just another day, and everything is going to be A-OK!"

You don't make many decisions and you just like to go with the flow, which could affect you in the long run when you decide to voice your opinion here and there. This shows that you have tons of patience and don't generally like to rock the boat, but when you do, you make sure your voice is heard.


Happy selfie-snapping!