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The 50 Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts To Follow

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If you're into pop culture and love to see what's happening in Hollywood, you might want to try out the hashtag #instacelebrity on Instagram. You can express your love and show support, or if you're ever eager to learn interesting facts about celebrities, you should be on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that are out there, and plenty of celebrities use Instagram to stay in touch with fans. You don't have to be a celebrity to showcase your life, but you can get a chance to see anything you find interesting in pics and videos.

Now with the new Instagram stories, you can have people involved and see what you're doing right at that moment. Anything that you find interesting or exciting you can put up live that moment for everyone who follows you to see. If you are eating a pancake the size of your head you can let everyone know by posting a pic. If you are at a great concert, you can make everyone jealous by posting a video.  

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You can promote yourself, your business, products, anything you want. People take advantage of that. Most businesses and people have an Instagram to help get recognition. Companies are also paying many people and celebs to promote their products. Some celebs are even a little infamous for that *cough* Scott Disek *cough*. 

By following celebrity accounts you are able to step into another person's life. You can see what they do in their free time. You get to know the places they travel to and who their best buds are.

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It's also great if you are a fan of their show or movie and want some of their behind the scenes pics. You begin to feel as if your favorite celebs are just like you. But probably with a lot more money. 

We compiled a list of the best celebrities to follow on the app. They have fun, fresh and hilarious posts that are definitely entertaining. Get to following! 

1. Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell is perfect if you want a few laughs. Lots of pics of her work! Including some behind the scenes views of her newest "The Good Place" Not to mention lots of pics of her hot hubby Dax Shepard! 

2. Nicki Minaj 


Some great pics/ selfies of her and her pals. Not to mention some close up looks at all of her funky fashion. Following her on Instagram is a perfect way to keep up with her jet-setting lifestyle! 

3. Finn Wolfhard


The regular silly and fun antics of a 14-year old. But also his Instagram shows what it's like to be a teenager in the spotlight in Hollywood. Plus if you're a fan of Stranger Things there are a ton of pics with the cast! 

4. Lena Waithe


Her Instagram is pleasing to all who appreciate some quality pics just about life in general. The native Chicagoian showcases her personality with no apologies. Her posts are refreshing and fun with a lot of famous friends thrown into the mix! 

5. Norman Reedus 


Lots of looks into his eclectic life. Sticking with "The Walking Dead" theme with some zombie visitors in his posts. His travels and daily life are showcased in most of his interesting pics. 

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6. Alexa Chung 


Good vibes all around. Her opinions on pop culture, some look into her fashion senses and all of her friends doing some fun activities. Her quirky personality is entertaining and refreshing. 

7. Samira Wiley


Her Instagram is full of fun sneak peeks into her exciting life after being in Orange Is The New Black. Get a sneak peek into her fun and exciting life from her posts. She is unapologetic about being herself  

8. Ellie Goulding


Lots of variety! Selfies, workout posts, behind the scene fabulosity are just a few posts to sum it up. She has a healthy and fit lifestyle and will inspire you to follow in her footsteps! 

9. Ryan Reynolds


Posts give you a look at this superstar's life. Fun behind the scenes at some Hollywood events. And of course some couple pics of him and Blake Lively! 

10. Mandy Moore


Mandy has the #tbt down. Not to mention some glimpses into her glamorous life. Maybe if we are lucky some behind the scenes looks at "This Is Us". Take a sneak peak into this starlets life! 

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11. Gwyneth Paltrow


Her lifestyle with health and all natural anything is the focal point of her Insta. If you are interested in her brand this is the place to go. She has a lot of info and posts on her page! 

12. Amy Sedaris


Her posts are unique. She is funky, funny and will do anything for a laugh. Her posts are certainly out there but entertaining. If you want to follow an account unlike any other this is the account you want to follow. 

13. B.J Novak


His handle says it all. Some funny posts all about his interesting convos. And a few corny jokes are thrown in here and there. Plus there are a ton of pics of him and his bestie Mindy Kaling! Their friendships is so adorable! 

14. Viola Davis


A look into this fabulous award-winners life! She posts a lot of inspirational messages and a lot of interesting posts on subjects in life. She is real and she is raw. Very refreshing! 

15. John Mayer


He showcases his personality through his posts. He has a refreshing sense of humor and it is exemplified through his Insta. He tries to showcase his talents and friends as well. 

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16. Angel Haze 


Her aesthetic is one that you will surely remember. She has a lot of cool vibes with her posts and each one more interesting than the last. Get to know her and take a look at her eclectic life. 

17. Josh Groban


He certainly has a great personality. His Instagram shows just how goofy and fun he is. Will surely make you wish you could get the chance to hang out with him. 

18. Rashida Jones


Lots of her viewpoints are showcased through her posts and they are certainly conversation starters. Not to mention a lot of selfies! It is refreshing to find someone who isn't afraid to have her voice heard! 

19. Kat Dennings


She has her own way of portraying herself on Instagram. She's sarcastic and witty and unafraid of anything. It's funny, it's refreshing and you will just have to check it out for yourself to believe it. 

20. Andy Cohen


All of the celeb fix you can get! He is the original Bravolebrity and he owns that title by being fabulous. Not to mention lots of selfies with his dog! If you are a fan of any of The Real Housewives this is the account you want to follow. 

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21. Willow Smith


Even at a young age, she seems to have the Insta game down. She has her own sense of style and it shows through her posts. She is breaking the mold any way she can. That is one cool teen. 

22. Mindy Kaling


Her life in pictures. Funny, witty and totally relatable. Her account is just as refreshing as her show! Her fans will be treated Her Insta is a treat to follow! 

23. Bill Nye


The scientist has his own way of doing things, especially on Instagram. Take a sneak peek into it all with him and his famous friends! Bill Nye the science guy is a treat to follow. Bill! Bill! Bill!

24. Christina Aguilera


If you are a fan of "The Voice" you are in for a treat with her Insta! She has shown some behind the scene sneak peeks into the hit show. Not to mention some beautiful shots of her working! 

25. Zendaya


Lots of gorgeous selfies and lots of opinionated posts. She is not afraid to speak her mind. This girl knows how to take fire selfies as well. Take a sneak peek into this starlets life one post at a time! 

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26. Jessica Simpson 


Lots of pics of her family and lots of posts with her funny personality. Her family pics are precious by the way! She is not afraid to poke fun at herself! 

27. Scott Disick 


Lots of pictures of his interesting and famous family.The last thing that you could say abut his Instagram page is that it's boring. Not to mention he is the king of being product placement on Insta. 

28. Gucci Mane 


His style is something unique and different. He showcases his fancy outfits and toys (aka cars) and makes you jealous of his fast-paced lifestyle. His sense of style could stand all on its own. 

29. Mariah Carey


Her iconic diva style comes out through her posts and account. She showcases her fast-paced lifestyle and takes you along for the ride. You cant use the excuse that "you don't know her" when trying to decide to follow her Insta. 

30. Miley Cyrus


No one will be bored or disappointed by following her page. Miley shows a lot of interesting pics with her famous pals. She gives you a sneak peek into her life and is uncensored with it all. 

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31. Snoop Dogg


He is the king of selfies. Hands down. He wakes up in the morning, rolls over and still manages to make them look fire. He pokes fun at himself and is a treat to follow on Insta. 

32. Ariana Grande


She has a lot of selfies and loves taking them. If you want to know more about her music this is a perfect way to keep up with what she is working on. She loves to showcase some of her fans as well! 

33. Sofia Vergara


As Gloria on Modern Family, she is hilarious and it comes out on her Instagram page as well. Poking fun at herself and being goofy is her game. She has lots of pictures of her hottie son and boyfriend. Lucky for us! 

34. Ansel Elgort


He loves his selfies and he sure is good at them. You will not be disappointed He loves to post a lot of travel pics as well and will make you jealous with wanderlust.

35. Jessica Alba


She loves to post a lot of vacation pics, perfect for all you travelers out there! She also has a lot of pics with her family. Also if you are interested in all of her organic products you can get more info on them there. 

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36. Ludacris


His account will have you cracking up from all of his goofy and fun memes and videos. His personality really shines through. Now he even has his own personal hashtag #nowthatsludacris. 

37. Taylor Swift


Tay Tay is one of the queens of Instagram. She has some infamous pics from her breakup in 2016. Plus she knows how to melt the hearts of animal lovers with all the pics of her cute cats. 

38. Solange


Her style and fresh outlook on life is refreshing and fun to follow. If you love her music than you will love her Instagram as well. She has an aesthetic that is totally worth the follow. 

39. Chrissy Teigen


She is a vision of not taking yourself too seriously. She loves to laugh and joke around and it shows in all of her pictures. Plus she loves food and posts a lot of her yummy creations.

40. Drake 


He has a ton of interesting posts with a lot of look into his career. Backstage, on tour, in his hotel room. He gives you sneak peeks and exclusives into his life. 

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41. Britney Spears


Everything and anything she wants to post she does. She has pics with her family, of the foods she likes, her fitness regiment and of course some funny ones as well. 

42. Beyonce


Queen Bey. She is truly a powerhouse in life and it shows on her page. Plus you get a ton of cute family pics with hubby Jay-Z and their little ones! Second plus: she has a ton of fire selfies. 

43. Chance The Rapper 


Dive into his interesting life with his fun and fresh posts. This rapper is not shy from showing off his life. He has a lot of famous pals and posts a lot with them as well! 

44. Shaquille O'Neal 


He's hilarious and not afraid to be completely himself. Watch some of his videos and you are sure to crack up. Also, he showcases some old-time basketball pics for some of his fans. 

45. Kris Jenner


If you are a fan of the Kardashians than this is the ultimate Instagram for you to follow. She is the ultimate "momager" for her kids and her posts show it. Stay tuned for all the new updates on this famous fam! 

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46. Hilary Duff


Family posts and clever #tbts are just a few ways to sum up her account. She loves to show off her famous pals as well! In the words of Lizzie Mcguire, get inside her head! 

47. Kanye West


The man, the myth, the legend. Or that's how he views himself and he showcases that through his Instagram. He's certainly not afraid to be himself, and he will show that all through his pictures. 

48. Emma Roberts 


If you want some great behind-the-scenes photos of Scream Queens then look no further! She provides them and keeps her fans thirsty for more! 

49. Jessica Biel


She is not afraid to have some fun and showcase that in her posts! Being silly and being marries to Justin Timberlake sure makes for an interesting Instagram account! 

50. Kim Kardashian


She is probably the most well-known insta-famous celeb. She takes risks and is not afraid to go where no one has gone before. She takes you behind the scenes and into her life. She leaves nothing out. 

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