14 TOTALLY Inspiring Instagram Fitness Stars You NEED To Follow

Every aspect of life is constantly evolving and changing. What's trendy or in style now, won't be in the next year. Sometimes trends are even shorter than that (think feather hair extensions). 

What's drastically changed in the last couple years is the idea of what healthy REALLY looks like. 

It used to be that what mattered most was your size and weight. Today we have realized that those are just numbers, and they have no business of defining whether a person is healthy or not.

Size and weight and health are VERY different things. 

Instagram fitness star Kelsey Wells is trying to prove just that to the world.

In college she weighed 111 lbs. “My greatest regret looking back on my high school and college years was not ALLOWING myself to be confident and happy with my body EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS," said Kelsey in a recent Instagram post. 

"For as long as I can remember I struggled with self confidence. In my mind the poison of comparison was constant. I picked myself apart and genuinely believed if I could just lose just a few pounds, or if a certain boy liked me, THEN I would love my body.”

Weighing in at 140 lbs. 8 weeks after giving birth, her goal was to fit back into her size 0 jeans at 122 lbs. She made it to her goal weight, but then 84 weeks later she found herself 5lbs heavier than her starting weight.

Despite gaining weight, she found herself happier than ever because she was stronger and fitter than she had ever been.

#Screwthescale has now become her motto and that of other badass Instagrammers like herself.  

Kelsey Wells is just one of the (hundreds!) of Instagrammers trying to send this message to girls all over the world.

Read on to find out which Instagram stars you should be following to give you the RIGHT kind of motivation, so you can kick-start your journey to confidence and high self-esteem.

Tanya Poppett

Photo: Instagram
Tanya Poppett Instagram Self-Esteem

This Sydney fitness instructor will give you serious wanderlust with her scenic nature runs and exotic workout videos. She proves that you CAN workout everywhere and anywhere you go.  

Rachel Brathen

Photo: Instagram
Rachel Brathen Instagram Self-Esteem

This yogi believes in living for the moment. As Rachel travels the world to go on yoga retreats, she takes her practice with her. Her Instragram page is full of zen poses in paradise. 

Misty Copeland

Photo: Instagram 
Misty Copeland Instagram Self-Esteem

Misty is not only a Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, but also an Under Armour ambassador. This prodigy is helping to redefine what a ballerina's body looks like. 

Massy Arias

Photo: Instagram
Massiel Arias Instagram Self-Esteem

Not only is she a personal trainer, but she is also an Instagram celeb. Arias has amassed more than 2 million followers on Instagram. This girl is hardcore awesome. 

Kelsey Wells

Photo: Instagram
Kelsey Wells Instagram Self-Esteem

This wife and mother is out to prove to the world that the number on a scale doesn't determine how healthy or fit we are. 

Jeanette Jenkins

Photo: Instagram
Jeanette Jenkins Instagram Self-Esteem

The Hollywood Trainer and nutritionist is most known for her Bikini Bootcamp and Cardio kickboxing & Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland dvd

Hannah Bronfman

Photo: Instagram
Hannah Bronfman Instagram Self-Esteem

Workout enthusiast by day and Dj by night, Hannah leads a life focused on food, fun, and healthy living. 

Karena and Katrina

Photo: Instagram
FIT1 Instagram Self-Esteem

These best friends and Co-Fouders of Tone It Up will make you want to hit the beach with their sunny workouts

Christmas Abbott

Photo: Instagram
Christmas Abbott Instagram Self-Esteem

Badass body builder and trainer, Abbott shows that girls come in all shapes and sizes! 

Cassey Ho

Photo: Instagram
Cassey Ho Instagram Self-Esteem

Creator of POP pilates and Pilates Intense Interval Training (PIIT28), Cassey regularly teaches classes to her POP army. 

Caitlin Turner

Photo: Instagram
Caitlin Turner Instagram Self-Esteem

Nature and yoga enthusiast, Caitlin is journeying to find inner peace and happiness. 

Aurora Lauzereal

Photo: Instagram
Aurora Lauzereal Instagram Self-Esteem

This French athlete and personal trainer will make you envious with her buns and abs of steel

Base Body Babes

Photo: Instagram
Base Body Babes Instagram Self-Esteem

These Australian sisters not only motivate each other, but will also motivate you to get out there and be active. 

Amanda Bisk

Photo: Instagram
Amanda Bisk Instagram Self-Esteem

This crazy, fit Aussie was once a pole vaulter, but now is a qualified yoga instructor. She likes to focus on stretching and different ways to tone the body. 

This article was originally published at People. Reprinted with permission from the author.