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How To Ask Her To Marry You, According To Her Zodiac Sign

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Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Knowing how to ask her to marry you is a knowledge that doesn’t come naturally to every zodiac sign. How you view marriage depends on your astrological personalities hers and yours.

Just because she has talked about getting married — maybe in general or maybe to you — since you first started going out doesn’t mean it’s easy to actually prepare for the day when you actually want to ask her.

Plus, how do you know that she hasn’t changed her mind about how she wants to be proposed to?

You know that her horoscope sign is the type that wants things to be romantic. Of course, asking her to marry you should be, too. She said she wanted a harp playing and candles everywhere at one point, but doesn’t mean she hasn’t switched that for something less grand of a gesture and just hasn’t told you yet.

Of course, when you’re dating someone, you sometimes have to learn how to read minds and because it isn’t always easy to know what she wants — even when she tells you that you should already know. Trust me, I am one of those girls, too. If you’re not reading my mind 24/7, then what ARE you doing, right?!

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Asking her to marry you is the same thing – she doesn’t want to have to tell you how to do it because then it ruins all the surprise. And even if she isn’t looking for a big surprise, do you really think she wants to plan her own marriage proposal? Of course, she doesn’t! She still wants to be swept off her feet, even if she sees it coming from a mile away.

(it’s really cute to see significant others getting all nervous right before they pop the big question).

But, listen, I get it. Not only are you going to be a nervous wreck when it actually comes time to say those four little – but very powerful – words, but I’m sure you do want to make the whole thing as special and romantic as possible, no matter what that means for you (and your special someone).

And there’s only so many creative and thoughtful things you can think of and find online if you’re searching the Internet for inspiration. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. By now, you should already know what her zodiac sign is. If not, you should know what her birthday is, right? I hope so. But knowing what her astrological sign prefers, in general, can help you figure out the best way to ask her to marry you.

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For instance, if her horoscope describes her as more on the shy and reserved side, do you really think she would enjoy being surprised in front of everyone she’s ever known since kindergarten?

Probably not. But an intimate night at home with just you and a bottle of champagne? Absolutely. Not only is astrology able to help you plan the perfect proposal, it’ll help you find a unique and creative approach to do said proposal.

Just because there are a LOT of ideas out there on the web for just the question you want to ask doesn’t mean they haven’t already been done to death.

It’s time to get in touch with your innovative side!

So, to help get you started here is how to ask her to marry you, based on her zodiac sign. I definitely recommend keeping this in your back pocket if you know you want to propose down the line, too because you never know when the perfect moment will strike and you think to yourself, “God, I gotta marry this woman. “

Hey — it happens! And it’s sooo romantic when that proposal finally comes. Good luck!

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Aries Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Aries lives for adventure and surprise, so a proposal to her should include all of the thrilling things you can think of. Maybe that means proposing to her on the top of a rollercoaster or making her birthday even more special by getting down on one knee and popping the question.

It’s not so much the surprise itself that matters most, but making sure you knock her off her feet. What she’ll love most about a big, surprise of a proposal (besides being swept off of her feet) is the fact that you will be the one to take charge for once.

You need to remind her that you’re the only one for her by planning the whole affair without her guessing that it’s coming. If you can show her that she never has to worry about being the boss for the both of you, she’ll say yes without hesitation.

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TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

Taurus Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

You don’t have to pull out all the stops when proposing to a Taurus because all she wants is that question that will ensure the two of you will spend your lives together forever.

The proposal should be straight-forward and adorably romantic, with just a touch of tradition (she wants you on your knee, not on the couch when you pop the question). Remember to gather all of her friends and family for the event, too.

Maybe you organize a big brunch or all go out for dinner, but however you do it, she’s going to want the people she loves around her to witness it. Afterwards, you can all have a big celebration with drinks and yummy food together — and she’ll enjoy showing everyone the giant rock on her finger.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

The last thing Gemini wants is for you to propose while the two of you are watching TV or during some other equally uninspired event. She can’t stand routine and if you try to squeeze in something like a proposal into her already-boring week.

She’s not afraid to turn you down and ask you to do it again — this time with more feeling and effort. Go for something unexpected and out of the blue; like during a walk through your favorite park. She’ll love that you can still take her off-guard, especially after all the time you’ve been together, and that it can still be crazy romantic, no matter where the proposal takes place.

Don’t forget to work in some personal details, too, like hiding the ring in her favorite flowers or proposing at the place where you shared your first kiss together.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

You already know Cancer loves you with all of her heart and you also already know that this is going to be an emotional rollercoaster for the both of you, so when it comes to proposing, go big or go home.

She’s going to love anything you come up with, but if you make a special effort, she’ll know you really want the big question to be as special as your life together will be. The best way to make the proposal special is to do it somewhere that has meaning for her.

Proposing in the same place her parents got married (or had their proposal) or the place you first told her you loved her will bring tears to her eyes. And no matter which meaningful place you do it at, remember to tell her the story of the meaningful event before getting down on one knee so she knows why you brought her there.

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LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

Leo Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Leo is going to want a proposal that is grand and in public — if she hasn’t already mentioned this to you — so don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops on this one.

I’m talkin’ a string quartet, fireworks, and a giant diamond in a glass of champagne — pretty much anything that’ll make her gasp. Not only does she want to be talking about the proposal for years, she wants everyone in a 50-foot radius to, as well.

When you propose, make sure you do it as creatively as possible. There are a lot of ways to get creative, but only you know what she loves most. And while she’ll love that you were thinking outside of the box with your proposal, it can’t be generic. If she’s seen the same grand gesture a hundred times online, she’s going to feel a little put out — this is about her, after all, not everyone else.

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VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Virgo Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Virgo isn’t big on grand gestures in any other situation, so her proposal wouldn’t be any different. Yes, she wants you to make an effort, not just say it as a passing question, but it doesn’t have to be accompanied by violins and doves.

The proposal itself should be just between you and her – she’d rather be alone for the question and then be able to share it with friends and family later. When you ask her to marry you, keep it intimate and low-key.

Light some candles and wait for her to get home from work, or bring her a bouquet of roses, but don’t do much more than that; she wants to be able to focus on your question, not everything else you’ve got going on. She’ll also want a little tradition, too, so remember to get down on one knee; it’s the little things that count with her.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Libra Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Libra doesn’t much care if you ask her to marry you in front of all her friends and family or alone, as long as you do it with as much romance and intimacy as possible. I mean an overload of romance, if you would.

She wants your proposal to be so gooey and sappy that everyone else will think it over-the-top (don’t worry, she’ll be head over heels for it). With an overload of romance comes a lot of props to make it happen. Spring for a dozen bouquets of roses (in her favorite color), candles galore, balloons, and romance music.

Not only does she want to be wooed and wowed, she wants her jaw to drop when she sees just how much you love her. You don’t have to be traditional about popping the actual question, just make sure the rock is presented to her with a flourish.

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SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Scorpio Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

The only reason Scorpio would want a private proposal over one with all of her loved ones around is so that the two of you can celebrate passionately, if you get my drift. Make the proposal unique and different, so that she can say her proposal was all about her.

Maybe that means having a plane write the question in the sky or being proposed to during a sports game, but either way, make it about her and her alone. If you do opt for a private proposal (for obvious reasons), do it somewhere like an extravagant hotel — not in your own bedroom.

And as for the ring, she might not be totally tied to the idea of receiving a traditional rock, so get creative with it. Maybe a pair of expensive heels aren’t the right choice (unless she’s a shoe fiend), but a black diamond or even an emerald might be perfect for her.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

Sagittarius Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

She might not say it outright, but Sagittarius wants you to go all out for her when you ask her to marry you. And the best way to go all out is to plan a destination proposal.

Whether you decide to incorporate the big question into an already-scheduled trip or you plan a getaway specifically for the proposal, make it big and make it count. She’ll love it if you propose in a well-known area, like in front of the Eiffel Tower, or somewhere scenic and beautiful so you can get some great pictures to send back home to friends and family.

Don’t forget to add personal touches to the proposal, too, like personal stories of the two of you together or something funny that happened to you both that brought you closer together. She’ll love the individuality of the whole affair.

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 - Jan 19)

Capricorn Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Capricorn, ever the traditionalist, will love it most if your proposal is as traditional and classic as possible. This means sharing a personal story of your love before getting down on one knee and popping the question.

You’ll definitely get bonus points if you can propose with a family heirloom — like her grandmother’s wedding ring — so that she can pass it down to her own children. She doesn’t have a preference whether you propose to her in front of family and friends or alone, as long as the whole event is something so romantic she’ll want to share it for years to come.

She’s been planning her wedding since she was little, and has probably told you all about it by now, so remember to listen to what she wants and incorporate that into your proposal; she’ll adore that you’ve been listening to what she wants.

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Aquarius Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Aquarius is all about being innovative, so she will definitely want your proposal to her to be innovative, as well. You don’t have to make a big gesture or even get all sappy with it as long as she knows it came from the heart.

Putting a ring in a fortune cookie (if you both love getting Chinese takeout together) or getting her pet to “gift” her a ring will make her swoon. She’ll definitely love a proposal that is original and creative, but she loves you so much that you could just blurt it out because of nerves and she’d still tear up a little bit.

In fact, don’t be surprised if she asks you if you want to get married before you have the chance to ask her. You can say yes but still plan a romantic night together to really make the proposal count (so she knows you wanted to be the first to pop the question).

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Pisces Astrology, Zodiac Signs Marry You

Pisces has been dreaming of the day when she would hear those four magical little words that you probably already know exactly what she wants out of a proposal. If that’s the case, don’t let that deter you from doing something romantic and unexpected.

She wants to be swept off her feet first and foremost, so just because you don’t go by the book doesn’t mean she isn’t going to love every second of it. A proposal to her is a big expression of feelings.

She wants your question to come straight from the heart and not from something you read online. She’s hoping that when you ask her to marry you that it’ll be like something straight out of a movie — fireworks and kisses and all. As long as your proposal is done with love and a few of her favorite things, she’ll be saying yes before you can even finish your question.

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