The One Trait That Makes Him Marry You, According To His Zodiac Sign

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What's the one trait that will make him marry you.
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Do you have what he wants?

Throughout time, the goal of many people is to find the right person and get married. Not everybody may take the matrimonial path, but many do. They want to have someone who will love them and possibly build a family with.

There are all kinds of benefits to being married, and for many people it's comforting to be legally connected to someone for the rest of their lives. You don't have to be married to be happy or to live a rewarding life — it's a choice.

For some cultures, there are arranged marriages, and the brides and grooms have very little say in choosing their future spouse. In these marriages, there's trust that the parents, and maybe the matchmaker, will make the best possible unions.

In the past, marriages were business dealings; unions used for financial gain or power. Luckily, in modern times, many marriages are love matches and women have complete say in who they will or will not marry.

Girls, at early ages, plan their dream weddings and think about the qualities they want in their husband. As they get older, they may adapt their plans, but they still know what they want in a future spouse.

Men, on the other hand, may not be quite as aware of what they want, and sometimes don't even know what they want until they have it. If they don't know what kind of partner they're looking for, it can be difficult for someone interested in them to know if they're the kind of person they need.

Before pulling your hair out in frustration trying to figure out if the relationship you have will lead to marriage, consult the stars. Astrology can help you see what your guy is looking for in a wife, even if they don't know it themselves.

Here's the one trait that will make him marry you, according to his zodiac sign.

Aries want a wife who is up for anything.
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Aries men crave adventure, and someone who can't keep up with their busy and adventurous lifestyle isn't a good match. An Aries man wants a woman who is strong, independent and up for any new adventure.

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Taurus wants his wife to have traditional values.
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Taurus falls for women who are very feminine, sweet, and kind of traditional. It's not that they want you to be a housewife, just someone who cares about making his home very comfortable and making him feel very loved.

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Gemini is looking for someone very intelligent.
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Geminis love a smart woman who can hold her own in a conversation and has no trouble voicing her opinion. A Gemini man needs a wife who will constantly challenge him and keep him from getting bored.

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Cancer wants a woman with a very strong maternal instinct.
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There are certainly couples with one member (or both) who are born under the sign of Cancer who don't have children. Someone can be very maternal without having children, and a Cancer man wants a woman who will make him feel loved and safe. 

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Leo needs their future wife to be confident.
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Leos are big, bold, and more often than not, the center of attention. They need a woman who is by his side and doesn't become invisible. She has a great sense of self, so when her Leo husband is being flirty and charming to others, she doesn't get jealous; she knows that's just who he is.

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Virgo wants to marry an honest woman.
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Virgo men can't stand fake anything, so it stands to reason that when they get married, they want a very real woman. A Virgo's wife is direct, independent, and is truthful without being disrespectful or unkind. 

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Libra seeks a woman who is easy going.
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Libras seek harmony and balance, and when choosing a partner, they don't want someone who is too confrontational or aggressive. They want someone who is chill and can go with the flow. Since it can be difficult for a Libra to make up their mind, the spouse of a Libra is going to have the patience of a saint. 

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Scorpio can't resist a sexually confident woman.
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Scorpios are very passionate and sexual, so they need a partner who can keep up with them and doesn't get overwhelmed by their desires. If you aren't self-conscious at all when it comes to sex, your Scorpio guy will want you in his life forever.

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Sagittarius want their bride to be good with change.
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Sagittarians don't do well with the same old grind day after day — they need stimulation, and that means new places, new people, and constant change. If you show that you're adaptable and can handle change, your Sagittarius guy can see the two of you having an exciting life together.

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Capricorn want a career-oriented woman.
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Work is extremely important to a Capricorn man, and they want to see the same kind of commitment to work in their partner that they themselves have. Well, it makes sense — who better to understand one's workaholic leanings than a fellow workaholic? If your career is high up on your list of importance, you probably share some of the same qualities as your Capricorn man: independence, competence, dependability, and problem-solving.

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Aquarius look for a free-spiritedness woman.
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Aquarius men don't go for traditional anything, especially in a partner. They want someone who does their own thing, including the way they dress, act, and think. The more unconventional you are, the more interesting for an Aquarius man. If you have a unique point of view, the Aquarius guy can spend a lifetime being amazed and fascinated by you.

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Pisces will marry a kind-hearted woman.
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Pisces men are very loving and kind, and that's what they need in a partner. Pisces men gravitate to women who are also very kind and do volunteer work or rescue animals in need. Pisces men are very creative and can get lost in their own dreams, and they need someone who will be OK with that and who will gently bring them back to reality with a loving gesture.

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