The Definition Of 'Bae' And The 20 Best Bae Quotes, Memes And Tweets

Bet you didn't know it was an acronym.

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Bae is a word I CANNOT stand. At one point, it seemed like everyone and their mother was using the word. And I’m going to assume you’ve probably heard of (and used) the word as well.

So, what does BAE mean?



Bae is an acronym that stands for Before Anyone Else. It’s used to describe a girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone you’re romantically involved with. So, instead of saying “I’m hanging out with my boyfriend today,” someone might say instead “I’m hanging out with bae today.”

Get the idea?

It might seem kind of strange to some people, but it’s actually become a real word. Along with other popular online acronyms, bae can actually be found in the Oxford Dictionary.


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Believe it or not, bae is actually a word that’s been around for a few years now.

The term actually first appeared in 2003, from the first user-submitted definition for it in the online Urban Dictionary. However, it wasn’t until 2011 when someone tweeted that the term stood for before anyone else.

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It’s amazing how social media and even just word of mouth can make a single word so popular. During the summer of 2014, singer Pharrell Williams released the song Come Get It Bae. This song really increased the use of the term in social media. #bae is one of the most used hashtags on Instagram.


Still can’t get enough of the word BAE? Here are 20 of the best bae quotes, memes and tweets that you can send to your own bae:

1. Texting game NOT on fleek.

"When bae don't text you"

2. When bae takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.


"Bae makes me (happy, sad, angry, etc) All in 1 day"

3. Always be on BAE alert.

"When your friend is talking to you, but you see bae coming"

4. Don't be afraid to put bae in his place.


"When bae acting up u just gotta..."


"When bae asks u to make him breakfast but ur still mad"

6. That's always the worst feeling


"When you're about to fall asleep and remember you forgot to text bae good night but then you remember you have no bae"

7. Ummm, excuse me?

"When bae gives you the silent treatment"

8. "I'm not mad at you" is girl code for "I'm pissed".


"When bae say she not mad & you ask her to pass the remote but she throw the tv at you"

9. No one likes it when their bae has to go.

"When bae is leaving..."

10. Ohhhh no she DID NOT.


"When u realize a person you can't stand likes bae's pic... this goes with everything"

11. Four words no one ever wants to hear after an argument

"When bae is mad at you and then says talk to you later"

12. Spill the beans!


"When you're about to tell your friends about how your first time chillin with potential bae went"

13. Sometimes not even all the math in the world can figure it out.

"When you tryna figure out why bae aint text back yet... you gotta carry the 1 bruh"

14. You should have KNOWN.

"When bae say 'what u want?' & u say 'get me whatever' & he brings back the WRONG THING"


15. Awkward.

"*Facetimeing with bae* Me: Hey bae Bae: Hey Baby Bae's mom: Damn he ugly"


16. Sometimes bae can be sweet.

"When bae says something cute to you and you can't stop re-reading it"

17. Sometimes it's hard to resist bae.


"When bae tries to be cute with you after he made you mad, and you're like..."

18. Best conversation starter ever.

"When bae mad at you but you find any reason to text them"

19. Did someone say FOOD?.


"When bae says he's on the way, WITH FOOD"

20. How I feel at this point.

"If people could stop saying bae, that'd be great"

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