How A Daughter Trying To Catch Her Mom's Boyfriend Cheating Found Thousands Of Nude Pics And Videos Of Herself On His Computer Instead

Matthew Bordeaux

Matthew Bordeaux had hidden cameras in the young woman's bedroom.

One young woman in Florida had a feeling that her mother's live-in boyfriend was cheating on her. So she did some digging, and what she found out about 48-year-old Matthew Bordeaux was a lot more sinister than just sleeping around. 

The woman, who isn't being identified to protect her identity, searched Bordeaux computer for evidence of unfaithful behavior and instead found thousands of nude photos and videos of herself.

Hidden in his computer files where pictures of photos of the young woman while she was undressing and naked. The privacy she thought she had in her bedroom and bathroom was violated. 

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Police reportedly uncovered over 2,500 images dating as far back as 2016. 

According to the daughter, Bordeaux has lived with her and her mother for seven years. She believed he was having an affair, so she went on his computer to confirm her suspicions. She, her mother and Bordeaux each have their own computer profiled, but his wasn't password protected. After getting in, she saw a folder marked "hidden" and discovered the images and videos.

Police said the man was able to take photos of the young woman after hiding a camera in a wall socket. Bordeaux gave her that wall socket when they moved into the apartment at the beginning of the year. 

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According to the daughter, he told her he had taken it from their old home in Coral Springs because it was "too expensive," and he didn't want to leave it with the new owners. 

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Police found a second camera hidden in an AC adapter in the bathroom. Both cameras had memory cards on them that allowed him to transfer the images to the computer. 

Bordeaux was arrested and charged with video voyeurism on Sunday and is currently being held on $10,000 bail. 

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