The Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Husbands

Don't wife up until you KNOW.

Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

Before you decide to wife up, you want to date around a little. At the very least, you deserve the time to decide what type of man will be the perfect husband for you.

Dating around and weighing all of your options for men is normal. Think about when you make any other big decisions in your life. Do you check your daily horoscope or read self-help books? If you don't, you should. Talking with your friends, married and single, will help you wise up on what to expect when it comes to marriage. You don't want to go into an engagement blindly. You especially want to make a wise choice when you decide to wifey up with someone for life. 


You always have to know most of the options before making a final decision when it comes to a lifelong commitment. 

When buying a house you look at the blueprints, find out how the foundation is and check out the neighborhood. When buying a car you check out the vehicle history, take it for a test drive and have it inspected. Men are certainly not houses or cars.

But the point is you have to see what is out there and all that is too them. Otherwise, you might make a rash impulse decision, perhaps basing your life decisions on just sex compatibility. As wonderful as it is in the bedroom now, you could be stuck with a big mistake later. 


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Contrary to popular belief women are not always on the prowl for a husband. In fact, some women are sometimes looking for the complete opposite. They might just want to have a good time. Some women aren't ready for marriage, but that doesn't mean she's not open to the opportunity if she falls in love. 

A girl who is living out her dreams may be busy building her own princess castle, but that doesn't mean that a woman does not recognize when a guy is future husband material. 

Think of your friends and their significant others. Surely you have come to a conclusion in your head on whether they are worthy of marrying your friend or not. Even if they aren't engaged you have to act as head of your friend's security team (unofficially). Making sure there are no threats or hidden surprises if just part of your duty. 


No one can make the decision to marry a man for anyone else. It's completely up to that person. But knowing a man's good characteristics and traits does help a lot. There are some personality traits that make a marriage last. Each couple brings out the best and worst in one another. It's only fair to know as much as you can to explore your marriage options.

It's good to check out what astrology has to say about zodiac sign compatibility. with horoscopes can help determine what traits each zodiac sign should possess and emulate to make it to the top of the hubby list. 

Here are the zodiac signs who make the best husbands: 

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

An Aries man is husband material because he is honest. Honesty is SO important in a relationship. With him being so upfront about everything he is easy to trust. When he is with you ALL of his cards are on the table.

His honesty can be a bit blunt (no honey you are supposed to sugar coat when I ask if I look fat in my dress!) but it's refreshing. He will never have you questioning his intentions in the relationship. In fact, he will tell you before you even have to wonder. 

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Taurus man is husband material because he is loyal. When he is on your team he is on it for life. Even if your team is hard to be on at times he will not falter. He knows how important it is to be reliable and will not ruin that.

His morals just wouldn't allow that. He's the type of loyal person who would show up to a year-long bowling league you signed him up for every week. And he hates bowling. But he's there. You will never have to wonder if he will let you down. A Taurus hubby hates to disappoint the people he loves. He's true blue, and when he's in love with you, you'll KNOW.

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GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

Gemini Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Gemini man is husband material because he is affectionate. And not just hug and kisses affectionate — More like make you feel like you're Gisele Bundchen all the time affectionate. He is the EPITOME of lovey-dovey when around you. Even if you aren't a fan of PDA it is very hard not to give in to his sweetness.

Feeling like you're a supermodel even when you roll out of bed isn't too shabby. He will be your biggest cheerleader and compliment giver. He will also be there to raise you back up when you're feeling down. 

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Cancer man is husband material because is sentimental. Being sweeter than a Hershey chocolate bar has its benefits. If there is an anniversary or something to celebrate you better believe he has something planned.

He will ALWAYS do his best to remember special little moments you shared together. If he forgets, he'll make it up to you while wiping away your tears. He's super sentimental and understands how to protect your heart. If he has the chance to surprise you or awe you, he will find a way to do it. He's not afraid to show his sentiment in front of other people either, adorbs! 

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Leo man is husband material because he is courageous. He has the bravery of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones (there are no dragons or white-walkers in today's world but you get the point). He loves chivalry, so he's a modern knight in shining armor.

You will never feel unsafe or afraid by his side. He will act as a rock for you. His bravery awes many people including you, makes him seem like a superhero. He doesn't back down from anything. If your relationship hits a speed bump, he will not be scared away. 

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Virgo man is husband material because he is hardworking. He is an example of success because he works for what he wants. He will impress you with his persistence and motivate you as well.

You will never have to worry about going through hard times with a Virgo man. He will waver any doubts away with his tenacious work ethic and show you he is there for the long haul. If anything ever happened you know he will work endlessly to fix it and make a situation better. When a Virgo man makes a promise, he means it for LIFE.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Libra man is husband material because he is diplomatic. You will never get into a gut-wrenching fight with a Libra man. He is level-headed and fair. He is a vision of balance and you will never have a heated moment last for too long.

His diplomacy is refreshing and hard to find. A Libra is wise and knows that he can get more done with honey than vinegar. That will lead to a peaceful relationship with anyone he is with. Not only will he be good to you, he'll be the kind of guy that mother will approve. 

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Scorpio man is husband material because he is passionate. He will lead you to new romantic heights that you didn't know existed. His hunger and fire for you are invigorating. He is never dull or boring and will make sure your relationship isn't as well.

Every day with him feels like a romantic adventure that you would only read about in novels. He is your very own Fabio and he will remind you of that with his passion all the time. If you're into romance but love to have a man all to yourself, a Scorpio man will be there for you, no matter what. 

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Sagittarius man is husband material because he is optimistic. He will always see the positive even when it's hard to find. He will give you the confidence to take on anything in your relationship.

When something goes wrong he acts as a light to show not everything is so dark and dreary. Being so positive will uplift every day. He makes the world seem brighter and sunnier even if there is a storm on the horizon. If you're down, he will know how to make you have a brighter day. A Sagittarius man may be independent, but he will make time for you. 

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Capricorn man is husband material because he is family oriented. Nothing is more important to him than having a loving family unit in his life. He thinks relationships are extremely important.

He will always work hard to make sure your relationship is tight and solid. His sentiment towards his family is endearing. You will never have to wonder where his priorities are, he will show it's what is truly important. That's YOU.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February18)

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

An Aquarius man is husband material because he is patient. He will never lose his temper or get carried away in a fight. His patience is almost saint-like. He will be an example of peace and level-headedness all the time.

When sh*t hits the fan he has the will to endure and fix it. He will not grow tired or get angry quickly. He acts as a reasonable force to help you. He will never react harshly in the heat of the moment. He makes you feel secure, he's in it for the long haul. If you're looking for a love of a lifetime, he will be there until the end. 

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces Zodiac Sign Best Husband Astrology

A Pisces man is husband material because he is selfless. He will always be there to offer a helping hand. He doesn't even think twice about favors, he is in fact always happy to do them.

Even if that favor is to run to the store for tampons and ice cream.... he will do it without hesitation (Definitely a keeper if he brings back multiple flavors). His selflessness is amazing and you will never wonder about his heart. His love is so consuming, it's hard to miss. 

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