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What Guys Like About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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That one trait or physical feature you wish you could change may be the exact thing guys find secretly attractive about you. Guys are mysterious creatures. Sometimes you can read them like a book, while other times you can’t figure out what the hell they’re talking about. It would be nice if you could tell what was on his mind, but sometimes you have to look for subtle clues that aren't as obvious as you might like. 

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When a guy likes you, he may not always say it, but he will show it. Sometimes when they hint that they like something about you, you miss the signal because it's something that you don't like about yourself. The funny thing guys secretly know that about you, too which is part of the reason why they find you adorable. 

One thing always remains the same, though — they like what they like. But what do they like about you?

You’re at the bar, minding your own business and enjoying a beer when a guy approaches you and starts flirting. A part of you wonders what made you stand out to him in the first place. He seems interested in the smallest details, and you realize that he may be developing a type of crust. Before you know it, the night ends up turning into a date and you go home with a number and a smile. 

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But you keep asking yourself why he randomly came over to talk to you in the first place. You weren't flaunting anything; you were simply sipping a lager after a rough day at work.

Everyone has something that draws people to them. It’s how we make friends and get dates. But what draws guys to you? Is there a science to what makes someone attracted to you? 

The science of astrology reveals that there is a secretly attractive trait specific to your zodiac sign.

Whether you are a fire sign or a water sign has a huge impact on who you are and what you like. Certain characteristics are special to each zodiac sign and it could be what guys secretly love most about you.  

Never underestimate the truth behind zodiac signs — here are the secret things that are attractive about you (and may have gotten you your boyfriend):

ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Your competitiveness.

Aries is a fire sign, and they love to bring the heat. Ricky Bobby may have been an Aries, because “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” 

Guys secretly love that you need to win. Aries needs to be the best at what they do, and your constant strive for greatness is enough to draw any man in.

You may not even realize that while you’re working extra to earn that promotion, guys are working to get your attention. They love a good game. This means they have to work to win your heart, and if they catch your eye, you are into them as much as they like you.

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Your touch.

As an earth sign, Taurus is very sensual. Touch is extremely important to them, and guys are all about it. 

The hello and goodbye hugs, the slight touch on his arm when you say good luck, the hand on his knee while you’re sitting next to him — he can’t resist any of it.

You are a naturally touchy person so you may not even notice how often you’re reeling guys in with the soft graze of your hand. He secretly likes this about you because it shows you are caring and kind. 

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Your sarcasm.

Geminis are quick-witted and always have a sarcastic comeback ready to roast anyone on the spot. The fact that you are open to tease is a turn on that men secretly like about you.

Guys are drawn to you because you are great at playful banter, and don’t take things so seriously. Your flirt-to-roast ratio is perfectly even, and it keeps guys on their toes. 

Your sarcastic approach to many things lets men know you are fun and smart at the same time, which keeps them coming back for more.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Your sympathy.

As a water sign, Cancer’s emotions run deep like a river. You feel things more deeply than others, and that’s a good thing. Men love that you are able to feel, and they secretly hope to win a sensitive heart that loves them completely.

Men see your attention to emotions as nurturing. They love that you love to help others and are in tune with not only your emotions but with others’ as well. 

Don’t hesitate to help that man on the street next time — your future boyfriend may be watching!

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LEO (July 23 - August 22): Your confidence.

It’s no secret confidence is attractive. But Leo’s really know how to pull off the confidence 24/7 and it is almost irresistible to guys.

They love that you love yourself and can’t get enough of how you seem untouchable and out of their league. They think you are playing hard to get, but in reality, you are just being you! 

It’s like a never-ending chase and we all know men love the chase. They secretly like this about you because it means you can't be had by just any man, and the one that you choose will have had to earn your trust. 

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Your shyness.

Virgos know what they want, as they are a grounded earth sign. But what men love is that they get what they want without trying to draw attention to them. 

You are confident in yourself and don’t feel a need to show the world how comfortable you are in your own skin. You just want to enjoy life and men can’t help themselves from trying to get you to come out of your shell.

Your shy personality intrigues guys and they love that you keep to yourself with ease. Men secretly love this about you because your someone one who uses her mind and her heart. 

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Your drama-free attitude.

This peaceful air sign like to keep everything in perfect harmony, from friendships to your family. 

Drama is NOT a Libras middle name. In fact, you avoid drama at all costs and men love it! Men aren't big on drama and when they see a woman who isn't into it as well, they can’t resist.

You draw the guys in by keeping drama out. The less drama you have in your life the more time you'll have to relax with them. This is something that they find secretly attractive and really makes a guy like you.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Your Resting bitch face.

You would think that having a Resting Bitch Face would turn people off of you, but Scorpios manage to pull it off — and pull guys at the same time. 

As a water sign, Scorpios are emotional but you hide it very well. You’ll never know if a Scorpio is excited or sad or pissed; her face stays the same. 

Guys find RBFs intriguing and enjoy trying to figure you out. When they know that you won't be insecure and in need of attention from the rest of the world, they get the pleasure of having you to themselves. 

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21): Your wanderlust.

This lively and spontaneous fire sign has a yearning for new places and experiences. A Sagittarius is always ready for an adventure and men find this mysterious and attractive. 

Guys long for a taste of the wanderlust a Sagittarius has. You are so unattached to worldly possessions that guys want to find out if you can get attached to them.

You are a free spirit, and men want to tag along for the ride. Guys like this about you because it means that they can surprise you with something and you'll not only like it, you'll want to do it again.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19): Your love for tradition.

It is so uncommon these days for a woman to be as invested in family and tradition as a Capricorn that men are unable to resist this unique Earth sign.

You are grounded in family and your family’s background, and love to pass along your family’s traditions from generation to generation. You hardly let outsiders join in on special occasions, but guys want in!

They know you will only let a very special man come to your family’s Christmas dinner and they’re head over heels about the possibility of being a part of something so unique.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): Your independence.

You’re a strong Aquarius woman who doesn't need a man! But for real, men are super attracted to women who do their own thing and love it. Aquarius is all about communication, as all air signs are, which helps you get ahead by yourself.

You know how to ask and get what you want. Men know you don’t need them, which makes them want you more! Men find your indepedence so alluring that they won't just like this about you, they will respect you, too.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20): Your emotional maturity.

As a water sign, Pisces is no stranger to emotions — you’ve mastered them, actually.

Men love your emotional maturity because they are over emotionally unstable women and want to find someone like you who is able to create a healthy emotional relationship. Pisces is intuitive and use this to gauge how others are feeling and avoid hurting them or stirring the pot.

Guys are drawn to you for the stability you offer in an emotional relationship and notice you because you stand out from other women for this exact reason.

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