12 Women Reveal The Most Sexually Adventurous Thing They've EVER Done

"I drank coffee with his semen in it."

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We are pretty wild in our fantasies. But how often do we get to live out that wild side in reality?

"I had sex with a bar owner in the basement of the bar," shares one woman. Another said, "I had sex with my high school boyfriend's best friend because I wanted to and he cheated on me so much I totally didn't care. He doesn't know to this day." You go, girl.

Sometimes what we determine to be our sexually adventurous moments are pretty minor, like if you kissed two men in the same night. Either way, these adrenaline-pumping experiences will really make you blush. We love them all. And we can't help but feel a little inspired to try to add a little more fun into our own lives.


1. I drank coffee with semen in it.

"My ex-boyfriend was kinky. Like, real kinky. And he had this fantasy FOREVER that he wanted to finish... in my coffee. And then we had breakfast and I drank said coffee while he watched. I loved him. I did it. It was surprisingly tasteless."

2. I slept with two men in 12 hours.

"When Tinder first came out, I definitely used it a lot and had my share of one-time only booty calls. I honestly can't remember most of the guys' names anymore. The sexually adventurous moment may be the time or two when I woke up next to one guy and ended up in bed with another guy 12 hours later. This might have happened more than once. Thinking back, it's slutty, but not in the negative connotation. In the end, I had great sex with cute guys!"


3. We made out in my professor's office.

"When I was in college, I made out with a guy in a professor's office. It was over the summer (staying at school over the summer was popular where we went to college) and after hours but it just felt so dirty and wrong! The guy was working for the professor at the time so he had a key and had taken me to the office to show it to me. At some point, a janitor knocked on the door. No idea why we didn't just go to one of our summer apartments. The rest of the summer the guy and I were cordial if we bumped into each other. I guess things weren't too bad as we did make out a few more times after that, just not in a professor's office!"


4. I had sex with my boyfriend on the side of the highway.

"My girlfriends and I got a flat tire and had to pull over on the side of a highway and wait for help. I called my boyfriend at the time and he came, literally and figuratively. He pulled his car behind our stalled one and we started making out on the hood of the car. He discreetly (as discreet as you can be on the side of a highway) pulled out his penis and since I was wearing a skirt, BAM! Car hood sex."

5. I gave him road head.

"Back in my crazy LA days, I met a nice Jewish boy, basically a perfect catch. We went on our first date after a few weeks of courting and ended turning it into a whirlwind night including sex in his car then going into a bar to meet my childhood friend and then giving him a blowjob on the way home. Needless to say, we never had a second date. He's now married with kids."


6. I had sex on a bar.

"I had sex on a bar — literally on a bar — in New York City. I was dating the bartender and we spent many a night hanging out in that bar after hours as he cleaned up from his shift."

7. I kissed two men on the same day.

"I hooked up with two different dudes in the same day once. I was a teenager. I kissed one guy in the morning and moved on to another guy by night. Super low-key kisses for each. I mean, sexually adventurous isn't my best thing."


8. I gave him oral on a school trip.

"In college, my BF and I drove separately while going on a school trip (that means directly behind the school bus carrying my peers) and I gave him road head the whole way. I definitely had cum on my shirt all day while my professor showed us New York City's most historical places."

9. I blew two guys at once.



"I was too chicken sh*t to have an actual threesome, so instead, I just blew two of my guy friends. We were all friends so I felt comfortable being a 'bad girl' but I couldn't even be a bad girl because I'm really a good girl on the inside. So my 'threesome' was just me making out with these two guys and doing things to them. This story is boring."

10. I hooked up with an allegedly gay man.

"My best friend came out to me as a gay man when I was a sophomore in high school. From that day on, I showed my support for him by going to some New York City gay clubs as his 'fag hag'. One time, I started chatting it up with this bartender who claimed to be straight. Who knows if he really was. We ended up in a bathroom stall (the see-through ones) and I jerked him off while he played with my boobs and came all over my hand. It was my first and only experience with an uncircumcised penis. And possible homosexual."


11. We had a quickie in a car wash.

"I dated a U.S. Marshal. We used to meet during the day in his government issued car. We had sex. Note: No one unauthorized is allowed in them. Also, one time, we had a quickie, then drove through a car wash, where my bra was stolen while we grabbed coffee. I wouldn't let him retrieve it. We also had sex in a hospital bathroom."

12. We had sex on the wing of a plane!

"My best friend in high school was in love with me, but I was not in love with him (yet). We made a promise to each other when he was 17, that if was still a virgin at 18, I would be his first. His dad worked as an air traffic control man. So, he knew when would be a good time to sneak into the airport and not get caught. A little after midnight, on a beautiful clear starlit sky, the day after his birthday (which by the way, I did keep my promise on his birthday, too), we gave him a chance to live out one of his own secret fantasies which was to have sex on the wing of a plane."