Resting Duck Face & More LOL Alternates For Bitchy Resting Face

bitchy resting face

What resting expression suits you best?

Bitchy Resting Face: If you're a woman, chances are you suffer from it. It's a condition created in human females when we stop paying attention to what our faces look like and instead revert to a default "bitchy" expression that produces fear and concern in everyone who gazes upon it. Women should be appealing to look at always but if that's not possible, we should, at the very least, not allow ourselves to go expressionless so as to appear angry or careless. Below you'll find a depiction of Bitchy Resting Face as well as seven alternate resting expressions (restspressions) you might want to try ... if you want to find a man and keep him! (Kidding. Who would want to keep a man?)

You're a Bitch Resting Face. Looking at a man like he's a bitch is sure to keep him interested in all your "drama." If he accuses you of having a bitchy face, just tell him, "You're the bitch, bitch!"

Bitchy Resting Face

Itchy Resting Face. When you need to keep your face fresh and alive, just pretend you have an itch on the inside of your nose and delicately and gracefully scratch it. Use your middle finger for deepest impact.

You're a Bitch Resting Face

Skinny Bitch Resting Face aka Resting Duck Face. If you're looking for a basic face for basic everyday needs, try this one. Works in almost any situation except when you need to eat, which thankfully is almost never, RIGHT?

Itchy Resting Face

Resting Resting Face. If your face really needs rest, why not go all the way with this evening look? Pairs well with most wines. Be careful about using this face during business meetings but go ahead and use it on dates to films you don't like.

Skinny Bitch Resting Face aka Resting Duck Face

Perfectly Pleasant Resting Face. Recommended by doctors, lawyers and other men in high-paying professions, as well as all men. Perfectly pleasant resting face is a great go-to anytime you want to appear as if you have no needs and live only to serve. Kid-tested, patriarchy approved!

Resting Resting Face

Terrified/Excited Resting Face. Paste this one on when you know your day is going to be filled with lots of ups and downs. That way you can save energy covering a gamut of emotions with one easy, versatile look.

Perfectly Pleasant Resting Face

Resting Finger Smile For when you just can't stand being told how your face should look any longer. Pick your index and middle fingers up, rest them on either side of your mouth, and gently stretch it into a smile. The world will never know you don't mean it. Just be sure you're wearing cute nail polish.

Terrified/Excited Resting Face