Strange Details About The Man Who Claims He Helped His Girlfriend Commit Suicide In The Woods Because She Had Cancer

Photo: Omaha World-Herald
Alicia Wilemon-Sullivan

Doctors couldn't find any signs of cancer.

On July 31, 2017, 38-year-old Alicia Wilemon-Sullivan told her 15-year-old son that she was "leaving for a few days" and asked a 19-year-old man named Kenneth Johnson to watch him and his two younger siblings.

He never heard from his mother again. The teen reported his mother missing to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office in Florida after his older brother, who lives in Mississippi, called and told him their mother had killed herself. 

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Johnson told police Wilemon-Sullivan told him via text that she needed him to watch her kids until Aug. 3. The last time he saw her was at the Orlando International Airport. He claims she was "bawling" and told him that it was because she was going to miss her kids.

On August 5th, the same day the mother was reported missing, police in Nebraska found her body in the woods near Weeping Water (aproximately 25 miles from Omaha).

Her boyfriend, 41-year-old Matthew Stubbendieck, said she committed suicide, and that he helped her do it. 

Omaha World-Herald 

According to Stubbendieck, Wilemon-Sullivan believed she was dying of stage 4 terminal cancer and said he wanted to find a place where she could die in his arms as she wished. He said she cut her wrists on August 1st and he stayed with her for a period of seven hours. But strangely, he admitted that when he left her that night in the woods, she was still able to whisper. 

When he checked on her the next day, she was dead. 

Stubbendieck said he also tried to suffocate her twice — once with his underwear and once with his hands — but couldn't go through with it. He called his girlfriend's mother, Shirley Wilemon, to tell her Wilemon-Sullivan had died. 

"She said Matthew [Stubbendieck] told her he was very sorry but Alicia was dead,” the missing person report reads. “She said Matthew told her Alicia took a bunch of pills and, before he knew it, she slit her wrists and died in his arms in a wooded area somewhere in Nebraska.”

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An autopsy report couldn't conclusively determine what caused her death, due to the decomposed state of her body. Doctors said a variety of factors played a role, including hypothermia and drugs. 

They couldn't find any tumors, lumps or other signs of cancer — but they also couldn't find anything to disprove that she had it. 

Wilemon-Sullivan's family said they have "grave concerns as to what really happened in the woods. “I don’t know why he didn’t seek help,” Cass County lieutenant Larry Burke said of Stubbendieck. “Why didn’t he get her help?”

He's currently facing a felony charge of assisting suicide. 

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