Horrifying New Details About The Woman Who Killed Her Pregnant Friend On Her Wedding Day To Steal Her Unborn Baby Girl From Her Womb

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Angelikeque Sutton Murder
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It was to cover up her own lie.

When Ashleigh Wade told her friends and family she was pregnant, it was good news. Such good news, that she even posted about it on her social media accounts. 

The 23-year-old bought all the necessary supplies needed for a newborn. She had baby clothes, shoes, formula, and a crib for her unborn baby girl. 

Her father-to-be changed his profile photo to a sonogram and posted links to baby registries in Wade's name. Her due date was supposed to be Nov. 16. 

But Wade couldn't follow through with a fake pregnancy, and instead, murdered her pregnant friend Angelikeque Sutton and stole her unborn baby girl out of her womb. 

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According to Police, Wade invited her friend, Angelikeque Sutton — who was eight and a half months pregnant — over to give her a present before Sutton went to marry her boyfriend at the courthouse. 


Once Sutton got to the house, Wade attacked her by stabbing her and slashing her repeatedly in the neck and face. She cut her voicebox so Sutton wouldn't be able to scream for help. 

After she had rendered Ms. Sutton unable to scream, unable to move, the defendant took a kitchen paring knife and sliced Ms. Sutton’s abdomen open at the bottom half,” Assistant Bronx DA Meredith Holtzman explained. “Once she had cut Ms. Sutton’s abdomen open, the defendant cut Ms. Sutton’s uterus entirely out. She cut that uterus open, took baby Jenasis out, and discarded that uterus on the bathroom floor.”

Thankfully, baby Jenasis survived. She's now 22 months old. 

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And that was the intent of Wade's attack. She wanted to steal the baby and pass it off as her own, police say. 

When police arrived at the scene, Wade was holding the baby and claimed she had given birth to the child after stabbing Sutton in self-defense. 

The women grew up across the street from each other. Wade's landlord said she was so sure Wade was pregnant that she even bought her a card. 

Wade is currently in a psychiatric ward and faces murder charges. 

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