8 Sex Positions Men HATE (And Really Wish Women Would Stop Trying)

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sex positions men hate

Sure, it's a safe bet that our guy is going to be in the mood if we are, but that doesn't mean that he's game for everything.

For example, we may be wild about cowgirl style or girl on top. Them, not always so much. Sure, it's great for a special occasion, but don't expect them to always want to pull out all the stops.

The same can be said for anything complicated or acrobatic. Sex doesn't always have to be an Olympic event or anything super-romantic and intimate. This may be your way of feeling closer to him, but if he sees this as just a hookup, he's going to run far and fast.

Because we care about what men think, we asked guys what sex positions men hate and what they wish women would stop asking for in bed.

1. 69

"The one that comes to mind for me is sixty-nine. Sixty-nine comes to us from the Kama Sutra where it’s known as the 'Congress of the Crow', and while it’s a delightful concept, in theory, it’s generally a fairly useless practice. The truth is once you get going with this, invariably one person drops the ball in short order. And why not? If someone is doing something right, it’s difficult not to get so wrapped up in the sensations that you stop what you’re doing. Oral is a pleasure best enjoyed when there is some generosity on the part of the giver and some attentiveness on the part of the receiver," advises Forrest of

2. Side Spooning

"Sex positions that enhance intimacy with your sweetheart are great, but side spooning is usually really awkward and challenging for the guy because it doesn't offer him a decent angle and can hurt his back," says Antonia Hall, MA., a psychologist, relationship expert and sexpert.

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3. Anything too Complicated

"He probably loves that you go to yoga class, but he is unlikely loving that you now want to try some crazy Kama Sutra move you heard about and just have to try," warns Hall.

4. Extra Bouncy Positions

"Most guys love that you want to get on top, but when you start getting extra bouncy while you're there, it's going to cause concern that you could bounce your way to injuring him," Hall advises.

5. Backbend

"Any sex position that has you bending awkwardly is not going to be his favorite. No guy wants their parts bent in precarious ways," suggests Hall.

6. Missionary

It’s dull, especially if it’s a hookup.

"This position is reserved for couples that have made it to at least 90 days. Then the real eye-locking begins," says sex and dating expert Ingrid Levin.

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7. Standing in the Shower

This is a hard one when you are not equally as tall. And it's no wonder it's one of the sex positions men hate most.

"Men have to hunch down and bend under a slippery surface. Things can get messy if there is a sudden wrong thrust," Levin asserts.

8. Spooning

It’s an intimate but lazy position.

"This position is reserved for those that are early risers versus one that is nocturnal. It says 'I want to get fancy, but not put much effort into it,'" says Levin.

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