7 Crazy Sex Positions That Put Missionary To Shame

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Crazy Sex Positions That Will Get You Both Off

Many heterosexual couples have trouble getting the same amount of pleasure during sex. This is mostly because a lot of women can't orgasm from penetration alone and many sex positions don't stimulate the clitoris to give her pleasure. Another common problem in the bedroom is getting bored of the same routine.

We decided to tackle these common problems by giving you seven crazy sex positions that will be anything but ordinary and stimulating enough to get you both off. Enjoy!

1. The Lotus

This sex position is just as intimate as the spooning position, or perhaps better since you get to be face to face with your partner. Have your guy sit with his legs crossed. Then get on top of him, facing him with your legs wrapped around his torso.

Since the woman is on top she is able to control the motions that she needs to orgasm. Also, this position allows a lot of contact with the clitoris as well as deep penetration. Win-win.

2. The Scissor Table Top

Give your bed a break by having fun on a table top. Lie down on your table with your butt close to the edge. Lift both legs up in the air to a 90 degree angle and then have your man enter you. You can then cross your legs (or do this step before he enters you, whichever is easier). The crossing of the legs will increase the friction of his movements which will definitely lead you both to a great big O.

3. Dirty Dancing

Get ready to get off balance with this wild and crazy position. This position is great for public places since you don't need to get on a flat surface to do it. Also, if you are wearing a dress or a skirt then you can stay clothed.

Have your man lean against a wall. Face him, then get on top of him and have him enter you. Your man can hold up one leg to keep a good angle while your other leg is standing on the ground between his legs. Start rocking away in order to get a big finish. This will definitely be more effective naked if your goal is an orgasm.

4. The X

If you're the type to give your man a lap dance, then this might be the sex position for you. The reason is because it will be an easy transition, since this position requires a chair. To get in position, have your man sit in the chair, lean back and stretch out his legs.

Next, get on top facing him, stretch out your legs, and have him hold onto your arms for support. Ride him until you both are completely satisfied.

5. The Spider

Are you up for taking things much slower tonight? Well, the spider might be a good choice for you. In order to get started, face your man on the bed with your legs at each of his sides. His legs also need to be at your sides. This will be a good time to have him enter you.

You both can lie back and bring your legs up, but bent at the knee. You can then slowly move into the rhythm that suits you. To get more pleasure out of this position, it is advisable to add a vibrator into the mix for the woman.

6. The Sexual Plank

This is definitely a good challenge for athletic types. To get started, get on all fours and then have your man get behind you, pick up your legs and enter you. This position is just as good as doggie when it comes to stimulating the G-spot, and it's even better at giving you a good upper arm workout.

7. The MegaHurtz

Calling all yogis! This position has your name on it. In order to get in position, you need to get on the floor. Afterward, get upside down on your own or with the help of your partner. You will then rest on the floor with your hands supporting you, and your head cocked to the side.

Most of your weight should be resting on the shoulder that's on the floor. Then spread your legs as far as you can so your man can stand in between them and enter you. This position will definitely give you a head rush and both of you so much pleasure.