All The Details About James Woods' Creepy Interactions With Very Young Women That Back Up Amber Tamblyn's Claims That He's A Predator

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All The Details About James Woods' Creepy Interactions With Very Young Women That Back Up Amber Tamblyn's Claims That He's A Predator

Thank you for the reminder, Amber Tamblyn.

If you're slightly on the younger side like me, the name James Woods was just something that came up randomly in episodes of Family Guy. Though I never questioned who he was or why he was there, the running joke is simply that he's a native of Rhode Island, the state where the show is set. 

But that little bit of TV trivia is not why we're here. Like a lot of famous men, we're here to discuss James Woods' overall creepiness and alleged predatory behavior. 

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If you don't remember, in 2017, James tweeted his thoughts about the movie Call Me By Your Name, which was, at the time, a new movie about the romance between a 24-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy.

And let's just say the reaction is probably not what he had hoped. 

Armie Hammer is the star of the film, and like most good people, he felt morally obligated to remind Woods of his own previously creepy transgressions. But it doesn't end there. 

Amber Tamblyn added some much-needed fuel to the fire and tweeted: "James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once. He wanted to take us to Vegas. 'I'm 16' I said. 'Even better' he said." 

And just to make sure the world — AKA people on Twitter — knew she was serious, Tamblyn then tweeted the following evidence: 

Of course, Woods said the story was a lie in a reply to a tweet from a fan, but evidence that the 73-year-old actor has a thing for young girls becomes pretty undeniable when you put it all together.

And I don't know whether or not to say "you're welcome" or "I'm sorry," so here you go. Here's the history of creepy incidents, girls James Woods has dated, and weird quotes that seem to back up Amber Tamblyn's claims that he likes younger women.

He started dating his most recent girlfriend when she was 20  and he was 66. 

As far as I can tell, Woods is still dating Kristen Bauguess, who he started seeing in 2013 when she was 20 and he was 66. She was arrested for drug possession just a few weeks before they first publicly stepped out, she has like a dozen names, and when they first started dating, they were way too cutesy for comfort on Twitter. 

I respect the fact that everyone has the right to date whoever they want (even if they're 46 years their senior), but one can't help but mention that she could almost be his granddaughter.  

Before that, he dated Ashley Madison — beginning when she was 19. 

Do you see a pattern yet? Woods met Madison when she was 19. They dated for a whopping seven years before breaking up, so I'm just taking a wild guess here: Woods could trade her in for a younger model, because if you're 26, you're basically grandma. 


The even creepier part of their love story is that Madison is the daughter of one of James' golfing buddies — and he first met her when she was five. I can't imagine marrying one of my dad's golfing buddies without barfing a little in my mouth. (No offense, Tim.)

That really gross time he talked too much about his experience with Viagra. 

In an interview in 2000, Woods said the following cringe-worthy thing about a time he tried Viagra with his girlfriend: "We had sex for six hours, 37 minutes. I'm surprised I didn't die of a heart attack." Just... why. 

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He also made some creepy comments about a young Gwyneth Paltrow. 

In that same article, he made more creepy comments about young actresses at the time. He said he would have made the moves on Gwyneth Paltrow if it weren't for her mother. 

"I acted with her mother [Blythe Danner] and I'd feel like I was robbing the cradle." Oh. Glad he's found some sort of moral line not to cross. 

Then there's this creepy/offensive exchange he had with Heather Graham when they dated. 

Woods dated Graham when he was (shocking) 23 years older than her, and during one of their last conversations, when she told him she didn't want to get married or start a family until she was 40, he replied, "How do you know you'll get the same attention from men when you're that age?"

Graham savagely questioned, "Oh, you just like me for my blond hair, my blue eyes and my big t--s?" And when Woods took too long to respond, she left. Smart move. 

He also talked about an inappropriate encounter he had with a 15-year-old Melanie Griffith. 

For this, I'll just let Woods do the talking:

"I've known her since she was 15 years old. You cannot even imagine what she looked like then. When she was 16, she said to me: 'Oh, I have this boyfriend,' and I asked, 'Does your mom approve of it?' and she said, 'She'd better. I've been f***ing him since I was 14.' I thought, 'Here's a rather rare character.' It was always sort of destined that we were going to be together somehow."

Just... eww. 

And how about this creepy way he described a young Winona Ryder — and pretty much all young girls?

Here's the Q&A with Woods and his interviewer: 

"Winona Ryder is supernaturally beautiful. She has a poetic beauty. I don't know what the circumstances would be of my doing a scene with someone of her age or her look, though.

Q: There's a not-quite-ready-to-grow-up quality about her, almost childishness.

A: You say that as if it's a bad thing. [Laughing] I'm joking. I see what you're saving, but I think she's a charlotte russe — a chocolate éclair with a gooey center."

Fingers crossed no one ever refers to me as having a "gooey center."

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on September 2017 and was updated with the latest information.