Armie Hammer's Ex Jessica Ciencin Henriquez Claims 'Cannibal Texts' From Actor Are Real

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Armie Hammer and his wife announced their plans to divorce in July of this year.

The parents of two children shared that they were going their separate ways in identical Instagram posts and asked the public tor respect their privacy.  Just two months later, the Call Me By Your Name star was spotted out for lunch with a new woman in Hollywood.

Hammer and writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez enjoyed an Italian meal together in Sept. 2020, sparking rumors that something romantic might've been going on at the time.


And now, after texts alleged about cannibalism and sex acts from Hammer surfaced in Jan., Henriquez took to Twitter to claim that the texts are real.

Who is Armie Hammer's ex, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez?

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Henriquez is recently single herself after splitting up with her ex Josh Lucas for the second time.

She and the Ford versus Ferrari actor had been married in 2012 after a whirlwind courtship but they split in 2014.

They apparently got back together at some point because Henriquez publicly dumped him again on Twitter this summer.

She's a writer.

Jessica Henriquez is a freelance writer of essays and journalistic non-fiction.

She has an impressive resume of credits including the New York Times, Teen Vogue, and Salon. She has even written about her struggle to co-parent with Lucas after the 2014 divorce. Her latest project a memoir called If You Loved Me You Would Know.



A post shared by Jessica Ciencin Henriquez (@thewriterjess) on Oct 18, 2019 at 6:09pm PDT

Jessica Henriquez is a cancer survivor. 

In 2011, Henriquez met Lucas at a New York City dog park and the two felt an immediate connection.

However, Henriquez had one major thing taking all her focus at the time: she had recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer and was undergoing treatment for the disease.


She was upfront with Lucas about what was going on in her life and he committed to supporting her right from the start. He proposed after only six weeks.

During that time, she was undergoing two different courses of treatment that weren't doing anything to slow the cancer and she was ready to consider a hysterectomy as her next step.

Then she learned that she was pregnant. She chose to suspend treatment and focus on the pregnancy instead. She welcomed baby Noah in June 2012. She successfully resumed treatment after the baby was born.

She is divorced from Josh Lucas — but not disconnected.

The Henriquez-Lucas divorce resulted in years of attempts to remain friendly and effective co-parents their son who is now 8 years old. In 2018, she wrote about the struggle to find a way to be a family despite the end of the marriage and she described the complicated feelings that came along with that.


"What I didn’t understand back then is that the love I have for my son and the love I had for his father would always be tangled up together in knots," she wrote.

She also confessed that there were times when she and Lucas resumed an intimate relationship even after the divorce. In 2018, she referred to that as an emotional setback. 

Jessica Henriquez dumped Lucas again this summer. 

Evidently, there was another so-called emotional set-back in 2020 because Henriquez very publicly dumped the father of her child again in May.

She took to Twitter to call him out for cheating on her and heaped shame on him for pulling that during a global pandemic.


She explained that her public laundry-airing wasn't just about getting back at the Yellowstone star for running around behind her back; she was hoping to share the message that no one needs to settle for less than they deserve in a relationship.

She did however call him a "sh*t human being" and said, "Thank you for reminding me why I left you in the first place."

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Are Armie Hammer and Jessica Henriquez dating?

Hammer, a father of two, announced that he had his wife Elizabeth Chambers were splitting up this summer.

The divorce filing cited irreconcilable differences and the couple is planning to share custody of their children. The pair had been married for a decade. In Sept., Hammer was spotted put to lunch with Henriquez at a Hollywood restaurant. Sources close to him say there's nothing deeper than lunch happening, though. 

"He isn't dating or in a relationship with anyone," an insider told reporters. "He and his ex were together since his early 20s so he isn't looking for a relationship now." 

As a side note, he was seen with Rumer Willis the same day but friends say he isn't dating her, either. 


Henriquez also denies a romantic connection. 

Henriquez downplayed the lunch date, insisting that it really was just lunch. 

In Jan., alleged texts from Hammer about cannibalism and sex acts surfaced online.

On Sunday, January 10, screenshots of messages allegedly from Hammer surfaced online and quickly made the rounds on social media.

Fans didn't know what to think about the DMs, with one Twitter user writing, "Those new armie hammer dms do in fact look edited but i’d also believe they’re true because he’s f****** insane."


And while the original poster of the DMs seemingly admitted they were fake/altered, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.

Henriquez tweeted that the messages from Hammer are "real," writing, "If you are still questioning whether or not those Armie Hammer DMs are real (and they are) maybe you should start questioning why we live in a culture willing to give abusers the benefit of the doubt instead of victims."

Hammer has yet to respond to the allegations.

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